Reblog: Hobbies Annual 1968 — Shed on the Pond’s Blog

I love Lee Higgins “Shed on the Pond” blog about dolls houses and thought I would share her latest post showing this old hobby magazine.

Hobbies Annual 1968 The Hobbies 1968 Annual states that it sells ‘The newest and best ideas for every hobbiest’ this included plans and kits for making Dolls Houses and furniture. They also sold wall and floor papers, windows and doors.  Some of the furniture was manufactured by various well-known makers such as Triang’s Jennys Home […]

Hobbies Annual 1968 — Shed on the Pond’s Blog


  1. Thanks for sharing. The doll houses and furniture are fabulous. I think we’d all like to time travel back to 1968 and see these little treasures in person.

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