Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie Black Basics #01 2009

As I was searching for a doll to feature today I decided to check my older posts to see if there were any Basics dolls that I had never featured on Fashion Doll Friday. Much to my surprise I found one. She was just about the last doll of the series that I was able to buy before they got too expensive.

Our Friday Girl is Black Basics #001 better known to all of you as Kate. So we are giving the boys a day off today. Kate did meet up with a good looking guy during the shoot we might save those pictures for another day.



  1. Kate has a sweet face and looks great in all these fashions. My personal favourite is that black jacket. It would be excellent for mixing and matching. I have a thing about jackets – I have way too many in my own wardrobe and I’m always looking for jackets for my dolls. The Barbie Basics was a wonderful line of dolls although it seemed to come and go very quickly. So many interesting face sculpts and hairstyles.

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    • After the Fashion Fever line ended I didn’t see any doll I liked for quite a while but when the Basics came out I got excited about Barbie again. It is a pity that they didn’t stay around longer and an even greater pity that despite marketing them as dolls you could redress they didn’t actually make any clothes for them, just some over priced accessories.


  2. Lovely gal, certainly Bond worthy. As usual love the clothes. The jacket is super cute but I love the dotted blouse because it goes with everything.(It even fit my Jakks Pacific gals.) I loved the black outfits of the basics gals enough I bought a multi pack of a generic set and have them on my Stars dolls. I have enjoyed past blogs as it is helping me identify not only my Tammy fam/friends, but other dolls I have seen on your blog. I think I found other blogs, too! Also You and Naomi have such delightful names for your dolls! Look forward to more fashion adventures, and just plain doll collection fun. God less you for all you both do.

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      • I know that feeling! I ended up putting mine on articulated bodies. I just put my only male from on an articulated body and he looked so awful that he’s no longer articulated.

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      • The Basics guys were all really handsome and it is still Naomi’s favourite body type. Despite having a lot of articulated bodies she wouldn’t change them. I’ve thought about trying it out as I have doubles of one doll but the MTM bodies are quite muscular and I’m not sure that they would suit the look of those dolls. It’s that double bent arm pose that is the hardest to dress I think.

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