Fashion Doll Friday: Black Basics 1.5 #6 2010

Our Friday Girl this week is from the Black Basics 1.5 series and she is numbered #6. I’m not really sure why because there were only 4 dolls in that series to my knowledge. I bought her at Don Market early in 2020. Naomi spotted a couple of Barbies there with Model Muse bodies and she was one of them. I think that was very lucky because I don’t think I’ve ever seen Model Muse body dolls being sold at a flea market before. I am not sure if series 1.5 was ever sold in the shops here. Certainly none of the ones I frequented anyway.

This doll has the Carnaval face and I think she is much nicer than the Black Basics #06 who also has that face. She came dressed in a Fashionista dress but this Anko one is more like the dress she was released in. Her look reminds me a little of Barbara Eden playing Jeannie in “I Dream of Jeannie” so she goes by Jeannie at present.



  1. Your Jeannie does look prettier than the other Black Basics with the Carnaval face sculpt. I think her hairstyle provides a better frame for her face. Now that you’ve mentioned the resemblance, I can picture her in the pink harem pants that Barbara Eden wore in I Dream of Jeannie.

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    • The Carnaval faced doll in the first Basics series is the only one that I decided not to buy because I didn’t like her face. I do like that face on Jeannie so I think you may be right about the hair.


  2. She does look like Barbara Eden. 🙂 I’ve seen her before here on your blog, and am glad to see that she still has the same fabulous hairstyle, I love that look!


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