Fashion Doll Friday:Ideal Grown Up Tammy 1965

Our Friday Girl this week is a new addition to the Tammy Family. She is the straight leg version of Grown Up Tammy. Naomi gave her to me for my birthday yesterday along with two bags of vintage clothes which I will be showing you all in the near future.

I do have another Grown Up Tammy so I am looking forward to comparing the two. This one is in very nice condition except for a bit of purple marker on one set of eyelashes. I will try to wash it off but if it won’t come off I won’t try the acne cleaner solution because it would most likely take off the eyelashes as well. I wouldn’t want to damage her face paint which is in very nice condition.

She arrived wearing the normal blue Tammy playsuit but this doll would have come wearing a red and white check gingham midriff top and a short royal blue skirt. The outfit she is now wearing is from the bag of clothes and although it is not tagged it looks like the outfit that Posin’ Grown Up Tammy was sold in although it should have a white sash and a big white bow near the collar.

I am looking forward to going through all the clothes again as I only had a quick look when I opened the gift as I had to go out to my volunteer job and was away from home all day.



  1. Happy Birthday 🎂. What an interesting doll. I’d never heard of grown up Tammy. I’m looking forward to seeing the bag of clothes too!

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    • I hope that may happen next week. I have got the whites and some yellowed outfits soaking in Napisan at present. The rest look pretty good., We will have a Tammy Family fashion show.


  2. I love these gals, I have one of each. They wear fashions so charmingly. I’m still trying to get a Bud boyfriend. Excited to see more fashions. Mine are mostly home-mades..I love displaying these gals with Mego celebrity dolls.Btw..Happy Birthday!

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  3. Littlechap stuff is so well made and I’d love to get some, as my dolls are in Home-mades. My grown up Tammy’s are some of my favorites. They are so pretty. One in particular is quite a character because she has no eyebrows. I have given her glasses and a one of a kind dress and my only Tammy shoes. I can’t wait to see the Turners/friends in a fashion show. I love this doll shares Misty body and can wear many Barbie and Mego clothes.
    Hope you had a lovely birthday. I celebrate mine in a few days and think I will be looking for a used lot of clothes for my Turners or shoes.

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      • My birthday is the 24th. Since I am turning 60 I got a 60th Ann. Silkstone Ken. That was a departure for me to buy a boxed doll. Nearly all of my dolls are rescues.including Turner fam. & Sindy..etc.Plus I LOVE Franken- dollies & clones One of my Grown up Tammys is missing her legs and was a mermaid then a toilet tissue doll like my granny used to make.So looking for misty legs to “fix her”.Every odd year I shop body parts to rebody or “fix” my random collection of heads and parts to wear vintage homemades..

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      • Happy Birthday Laurel. You are just a little bit younger than we are but we grew up in the same era which I guess is why we like a lot of the same dolls. I hope you enjoy 60th Anniversary Ken.


  4. (BYA)..before you ask..a toilet tissue doll uses a 1:6 cake topper dolls body w/ a stem to fit the narrow opening, and used crochet/doilies as petticoats or skirts.(Though I prefer knit and netting/vintage ones)

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    • I’m old enough to remember these of course. Some of our younger readers may not. I often saw them made with cheap “dress me” type dolls whose legs would fit inside the roll. They would be dressed in knitted or crochet dresses, often done in that nylon material that those of us of a certain age will remember. Hmm, maybe we should have a post about toilet dolls. I used to have one but she fell in the loo one too many times I think.


  5. I have several baggie dolls of that size, just got some good Vanna White sparkle yarn so might attempt something though as likely to try your sheath as it is navy. think I cold slip on pull over skirt from Barbies playline, or steal one from the color reveal doll ad it’s midi length on the smaller dolls.
    Also I will be reviewing your Ginny info as I’m getting dolls of the world travel look ones in a random lot. (It’s scary how fast I can spend birthday money on dolls. I did plant two starter lilac bushes today so I did get some sun.

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