Fashion Doll Friday: Simba Kevin circa 2000’s

My apologies for posting a bit late today. I went downstairs to find a doll to photograph and took a while to make up my mind. Then, once I had taken some photos, I started unpacking dolls to be shelved and lost track of time. However, it is still Friday so never mind.

Our Friday Guy today is made by Simba. He is the boyfriend of Steffi Love and went by the name of Kevin Dressman when we first saw him in the early 2000’s. Naomi has a couple of these dolls and we both like them. They are very well made although the later Kevin’s are more lightweight than the original who she bought around 2003-4. He is on a basic body not unlike that used for Ken at that time but he is a little less chunky I think.

This particular doll now goes by Lexter. His jacket is Mattel I’m pretty sure and his T-shirt and pants I think are custom made ones. He is a bit shorter than modern Fashionista guys but we still have a lot of the older outfits with pants that fit him and the sizes of the custom mades tend to vary so anything that is too short for the Fashionista/Basic bodies goes to these shorter guys.

Simba are still making Steffi, Evi and Kevin. The latest Kevin dolls are Kevin Relax, a basic doll that comes as either a blonde or brunette, Kevin Urban, the same doll but with a thick beard in brunette only, Kevin Prince, only blonde, Kevin Wedding, only brunette and Cool Kevin who is articulated (blonde only). There is also still a Happy Family set with Steffi, Kevin (blonde) and a child. I haven’t seen the modern Kevin in the shops here. I think that he looks more square jawed than the earlier ones were. I’m going to say that he reminds me somewhat of former F1 driver Michael Schumacher around the jaw.

If you’d like to read more about the current Steffi Family dolls here is a link.



  1. There is no better way to lose track of time than to spend time with our dolls. It’s a great stress-buster. I enjoyed reading about Simba’s Kevin as I’m not familiar with this doll. Lexter is very good-looking and the outfit is perfect for him.

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  2. I think the Simba Steffi love dolls are great! You could mainly find them at Toys R Us stores at least here in Michigan(U.S.), prior to the stores closing. I bought 2-3 Evi love dolls at Toys R Us just before closing they had bicycles and a balloon. The last purchase was thru Amazon, “Steffi Love family box” which has 1 Steffi, 1 Kevin, and 2 children Evi And Timmy? In a long,thin rectangle box, can’t remember but I believe it didn’t have any extras, just the dolls ,last year.For $20.00( U.S.)a bargain for well made dolls.Cute set! Kevin looks cool! Does your sister order her doll clothes mainly thru Etsy or Ebay? During the peak of Barbie in the 1990’s, at street fairs/side walk sales and such, different vendors would make mainly Barbie & friends clothing to sell very reasonably for sets, that’s where I would buy anything I couldn’t crochet/knit ( can’t sew!) for me and for my daughters,etc. Sure miss that! Now its just AG dolls, baby dolls if there are booths, covid has changed so much! Thanks for a great blog ladies!

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    • I think that Naomi buys mostly from eBay but sometimes from Etsy too. There are some sellers with lovely things in Eastern Europe but a lot of those sellers can’t post to Australia now because of Covid, no flights into the country.


  3. I also still buy some of the guy’s clothing from China on eBay. Some sellers have some cheap but very nice things while others are more expensive. I buy them from these particular sellers because I love the gear and the guys look like guys and not pansies the way they do in some Ken outfits. I don’t use a lot of the original Ken outfits that I bought years ago because I either don’t like them or the fit is all wrong on the new slim bodies. I’m not keen on the jeans I put on Lexter because they are too baggy but he is harder to fit because of the body type and shorter size he is.I have four of these dolls. My first one was Pauly who came with a family of dolls which I basically chucked to one side. I gave the little girl away. Pauly got broken so I got another one. His hair is painted red. Later I got Mark who has dark blonde or light brown hair also painted and now Lexter who I have chosen to leave in original condition. What is interesting is that the first Pauly is very heavy and solid compared to Pauly 2, Mark and Lexter. Goes to show how the quality and value is going through the tubes. Well off to do something now.

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