Fashion Doll Friday: Pedigree Patch in Schooldays

Another late post this week as it took me a while to decide what to do. I do wonder sometimes what I should do when every single doll we own has been featured on Fashion Doll Friday? Go round again? We are still quite a long way from having that happen but many dolls are still boxed at present.

Anyway I decided, after some thought that our Friday Girl should be auburn Pedigree Patch. I don’t seem to have featured Patch on Fashion Doll Friday very often, mainly because we only have four of them, my three and Naomi’s one. Still when I looked back at our old posts I could see that one post was missing a photo that probably got deleted from Flickr. Luckily I had taken some more when I was tidying up the Sindy family a couple of months ago and I took a couple more today.



  1. If you ever do run out of new dolls, just repeat dolls with different outfits. Fashion Friday posts are always nice eye candy no matter which doll is featured. Your auburn-haired Patch doll is absolutely darling with her freckles and cute Schooldays outfit.

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  2. If you ever should “run out” you could send me a P.O. box or new address and I can send you several, I owe you after the Ted snafoo. I will figure a way. I don’t have Patch or Pete yet but hope by 2022 to be closer.. I’m loosing auctions by less these days. Just this week I got a Snape for 20 $ less than last try, and Ron and Cedrick used so much reduced.
    I would adore both patch and Pete, I also plan to see if I can rebody a Hagrid head to a second Dr.John Littlechap doll to be Taller. This makes me want to ask you if you have any Frankendollys? I know Naomi restyles several dolls but have any been extreme (body swaps)? Great blog!

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    • The only Frankendollying I have done is to head swap a Fashionista and a Twirling Fairy Barbie, you know, the one that had a star on a little cord hanging out of her back. As I wanted to redress her I found the cord a nuisance so I swapped her on to a Fashionista body. Otherwise I’ve really only done it for broken dolls so far.


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