Fashion Doll Friday:Sindy in Sleepy Time 1963

Today our Friday Girl is Sindy wearing her 1963 “Sleepy Time ” outfit. This outfit came with several accessories including the pictured toiletries bag and curlers. There were also white sandals, toothpaste, soap, mirror, brush and comb and a little Sindy sized booklet, maybe a diary? I think I do have the brush and mirror in the bags of accessories still to be unpacked.

The modern Kid Kreations Sindy in “Sleepy Time” is based on this outfit. Tammy fans may also recognise this as the top is exactly the same as Tammy’s “Sleepytime” pajama set. The difference is that Tammy’s outfit has longer length sleep shorts while Sindy has briefs in the same material. The accessories look very similar for both dolls too.



  1. How lovely to have so many of the accessories. These are nearly impossible to find nowerdays. She’s a pretty doll with lovely hair.

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  2. They definitely could be cousins. Lovely outfit, have to see if my Tammy has something similar.I guess she might work well with my Small Paul.If I find one I would put them in Tammy’s car.Does Sindy have a car?


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