In a previous post I wrote about the dilemma of culling dolls. I’ve culled before and I never find it easy. However, I have got to a point in my collecting where I really want to concentrate on specific dolls and accessories.

There are not many more vintage fashion dolls I want. I would like Posin’ Tammy as I don’t have one and other Tammy family members like Ted or Bud but I wouldn’t be heartbroken not to get these. Tammy items are harder to find in Australia and horribly expensive to buy and ship from the USA. Ideal only made Tammy for a few years so there are not so many of them I guess. I have been lucky to get a few genuine Tammy outfits and I will always look out for more.

I’m happy with my Sindy Set, there are a few things I’d like to get to complete outfits, nearly as expensive as buying dolls trying to find those tiny items. I would get a Canterbury Patch if one came up at a good price but again I wouldn’t be heartbroken not to get one as I don’t find her as pretty as the earlier ones. Same with Sindy’s friends June, Mitzi and Patch’s little friend Betsy. Betsy is quite cute but almost impossible to find at a good price. Mitzi and June I don’t find as pretty as Sindy so while as a collector, it would be nice to have examples of them I am not really bothered one way or the other. I do however want to complete my collection of outfits from my original booklet. I have most of them now but need a few completers like that string bag of oranges and newspaper from “Shopping in the Rain”. Imagine how hard that is going to be to find. I like some of the later Sindy outfits and wouldn’t mind getting some from my 70s and 80s girls too. I have a few props, a horse, Ringo the dog, a motorcycle. I like props but you have to have room for them or just get them out for photo shoots.

The Sindy Set

Mattel has probably done me a favour by making fewer dolls that I feel I have to have these days. I’ve been concentrating more on vintage Barbie and friends. I don’t expect to ever have a Number One. I have a repro and she is very nice, so is my Repro American Girl. I can be happy with these if I never get the vintage ones. I would like a Francie. Naomi has a couple but I don’t have one yet. There are still a few more vintage Barbies it would be nice to own but largely I’m happy with what I have and am starting to focus more on outfits now.

The vintage shelf

It would be nice to have some more genuine Tressy outfits too, either the Palitoy or American Character. There are some different ones in each. Most of our Tressy’s, Naomi has a couple too, are Palitoy but I do have one American Character. She’s the V leg one and her hair is not great so I’d get another if the opportunity arose. I have Cricket but not the British version Toots. What I would most like to find for the Tressy dolls is shoes. They don’t fit Barbie shoes very well.

Could it be this easy?

Amongst the larger dolls I have to say I’m pretty happy with what I have. I have my Pedigree Walker although I would not say no to a bend leg as well. They are horrifically expensive though so I doubt I’ll ever own one and that’s fine. My goal with most of these dolls is to get them all dressed in something that fits them and get them all shoes. A few need repair work too and I hope that will happen one day. I do sometimes buy dolls that are a bit damaged because they are cheaper but not ones that will need major restoration that I know I can’t do or afford to have done. It’s usually the sort of thing that can be disguised by clothing.

So, that’s my wishlist and my plan for future collecting. But I can’t say that I won’t deviate from this if I see a doll that just says “Buy me!” no matter what she is.



  1. I don’t think there’s a collector out there who doesn’t have a wish list ^^
    I visit ebay daily, just checking out the types of dolls I like. Frequently follow, but have the same dilemma as you : a lot of the really nice dolls are in the US and I can’t afford the shipping & high customs that would be incurred, so I just look, drool, and say “nevermind”.

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    • I often have an eBay wishlist of dozens of dolls or outfits. Some I do bookmark just out of curiosity about how much they will sell for and some are just dreams. I cull the list from time to time. The increasing cost of shipping and taxes means buying from overseas is no longer something I can do except for something very special. Even postage from the UK has become a bit crazy. I was looking the other night and some Sindy outfits alone were listed as over forty pounds for postage. I do think some of this is eBay and it might be possible to send things cheaper . I don’t mind paying that kind of money for a large item or several items but balk at it for a tiny pair of doll shoes or a dress that would fit into an envelope.


  2. I definitely have a LONG wish-list, but Every National Doll Day is a reminder to donate some. I use June 14th my dad’s birthday (flag day(, this year he turns 90.If I can donate 11 this year I will meet my goal.I have donated one clone, and I have 2 Disney princes and Ariel and Megera,plus two Oz kids meal toys..so four to go, the Kelly’s I have with shoes I think..I seriously want a Ja-lo/Jennifer Lopez doll to go with my Ben Aflec(sp) doll, now that they are dating again.I’m a sucker for celeb dolls.Great blog, really got me thinking.

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  3. This is a really fun post! I agree that all doll collectors have a Wish List. I have dolls and doll items on my Wish List that would be nice to have, but currently nothing that I absolutely have to have.
    I rarely check ebay any more. Even though Canada is right next door to the USA the shipping charges on ebay are outrageous. I blame it all on ebay’s Global Shipping Policy where sellers send merchandise to some central depot in Kentucky and then it is forwarded to the winning bidder. I don’t think ebay is much fun for either buyers or sellers. I prefer the thrill of the hunt at thrift stores and outdoor flea markets. Hopefully by next year the indoor doll shows will be back.

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    • I haven’t done much selling on eBay but when I did I found some of the charges to be unreasonable and I believe they have got worse since then. Ebay used to be great fun but as you say it’s not much fun for buyers or sellers now which is probably why it seems to be full of large businesses using it for a shop window now while the hobbyists and people trying to get rid of unwanted items are pushed out.+


  4. Hi, good to be back. We definitely all have wishlists. I would love to have Sindy’s friends, Mitzi and Vicki, rooted haired Paul, Patch and Poppet. They are all too expensive for me and it seems no one donates many dolls to the charity chops any more so it’s hard to find a gem there these days. I have two June dolls, they are both issue 3, I’d like the issue 2 version, she’s prettier than issue 3. I’m also enjoying doing photo shoots at present, usually dolls amongst flowers.

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