What’s New At The Tammy House 2021

The Tammy House has moved! It was a bit hair raising transporting their home but the Turners are now back in their house again with even more family members. It’s now pretty much standing room only in the living room.

The Turner Family and Friends

The Turners are letting the top floor to a group of Repro dolls. They hope that they will be good neighbours. The new tenants are delighted with the size of the room especially all the closet space.

Reproduction Barbies & Midge

The Tressy’s are back too but to their dismay not in their upstairs room. At the moment they have been relegated to the smallest room in the house and they are not happy. “There are six of us and only five of them!” they complain to each other. “We must go and see Mr Turner at once!” Cricket just wants to go and play with the kids upstairs.

We need a larger room!

*Note: I probably will swap the Tressy’s to the top floor as there are more of them but we won’t tell them just yet.



  1. Awesome fun! No one fits in my dollhouse attic. The Turners were getting excited that they were out of confinement. They will move to the flat space above the computer.
    i noticed we have some of the same repo dolls., glad yours are wearing the orig outfits. I am keepin them in homemade. Elly May will join the Turners as she has loaned part of her wardrobe to them.Great blog.

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