Sindy Doll Factory

Funtime Sindy?

I was checking out the Sindy collectors Facebook page this morning and someone had left a link to this article dating from 2010. I am sure many of you may have seen it before but thought I would share for the benefit of those who haven’t. Be sure and check out the comment thread which goes right up to November 2020.


  1. Oooo, spooky! I just read this article again the other night! It’s a shame Helen hasn’t responded to some of the later comments as I’m sure there’s a wealth of information to be gleaned from some of the responders. Great pics!

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    • I guessed you were. Betsy went on sale after we left the UK and I don’t believe she was ever sold in Australia. I don’t remember any advertising for her anyway.


  2. Thanks so much for the link! What a fascinating article, and all those personal reminiscences are marvellous. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to get all these people together to chat about their factory days. It was a different era then. I hope Helen followed up with these people.
    Your Sindy photos are lovely – such sweet faces on these dolls.

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