Fashion Doll Friday: Olympic Fan Barbie 2000

As we are getting close to the Olympic Games today’s Friday Girl is Olympic Fan Barbie from 2000 aka Jessica or Jess to her friends.

Jess is one of my early Barbies and I bought her pre-loved so I don’t think I have her original outfit or accessories. Those of you who were collecting or playing with Barbie in 2000 may recall that these dolls were released in the sporting colours of their country. Here is a link to a picture of the Australian team colours Barbie in her green and gold tracksuit. All the dolls had the same strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes and as you can see they had the older TNT body. Most probably these dolls were on sale in 1999 or at least before the first belly button dolls appeared. Her little dress is one that I knitted.

If you have been around this blog for a while you may recall that I featured Jess as a Friday Girl back in March of 2016 wearing the same dress. However, these are new, and I think better, pictures.

The doll room is in a bit of chaos at the moment because Naomi is moving in next Tuesday and we’ve had to put a lot of boxes in the room to be out of the way so it is possible that next Friday’s post will be a rerun as well.



  1. She does look familiar, I will be looking at my un-identifies gals.Plus looking for whatever I can at swap-meet . Love seeing the different versions I saw on-line, the Canada was Red, Puerto Rico was dark red, and Spain Red and gold. I love the hair and eyes.

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  2. Think I found the outfit sans doll, so will search my unknown heads and doner bodies or maybe buy a Canada, do have an AA clone that needs dressing and a graduation 2000 doll too. love these dolls with my athlete dolls.

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  3. Your pic with the union jack in the back round reminds me of Ginger spices dress. It looks fabulous on all the red lipped Barbie’s, might try it on this doll as she has the right body type for it.


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