Fashion Doll Friday: Lincoln International Little Tuppence

Our Friday Girl today is Little Tuppence by Lincoln International of New Zealand. She is wearing her raincoat, hat and boots because it has not stopped raining here all week. I think this little outfit is an original Little Tuppence outfit. I found photos of it online but with the doll wearing red boots not these white ones so they may be from another outfit or perhaps just a variation.

I’m sorry that the photo is not great. I had to lean over a few boxes just to get near enough to her to take it. I didn’t stop to do any tidying first.

Monday and Tuesday were moving days for Naomi. Monday was the day everything was loaded in the van. That took most of the day and then she had to drive for three and a half hours to Sisters Beach. The furniture was delivered the next day and took 5 hours to unload. It rained pretty much the whole time. As you can imagine the doll room is a bit messy to say the least right now and we have got a garage and shed full of boxes to unpack. Today she is back in Oatlands collecting a few things that the removalists left behind and unfortunately has another long drive in the rain to get home tonight.



  1. The boots are not right for the outfit, in fact they don’t look like LT boots, although it’s hard to tell from the photo. The soles of Little Tuppence boots slope downwards and there are moulded indentations in the small heel and at the toe of the sole of the boot. There are small raised moulded dots outlining a toe detail and seven rows of raised moulded laces on the front of each boot. The boots for this fashion ‘Rainy Day’ were red.

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    • Yes I saw photos of the red boots and that makes more sense with the red trim of the outfit. Perhaps these are clone boots, we’ve swapped the clothing on Tuppence, Penny and their clone friends a couple of times and the boots seemed the most appropriate to go with this outfit as we don’t have the originals.

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  2. I hope Naomi’s move in goes as smoothly as possible. I’m sure the weather doesn’t help. I don’t think of it constantly raining in your area. Germany and Belgium are having some major problems now. Tuppence is a sweetie. I love her little rainy day outfit – very appropriate. I don’t think I remember Tuppence at all from my childhood. Is she an American doll?

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    • Little Tuppence is actually a doll from New Zealand and she was extremely popular both there and here in Australia. Jenifer Burnett (Jenjoy of All Dolled Up) has written a book all about her and her friend Posin Penny.
      It seems to be raining everywhere at present and while it is winter here in Tasmania it has been unusually wet this week. Where I used to live in Geeveston we used to get this kind of weather a lot in winter.


  3. Best wishes, I don’t think I have Tuppence but Penny Brite Deluxe Reading corp,& (a charima happily ever after snow white one), Tuppence has a much softer look.They “play” well with pepper and what I call the Remco kids (Heidi & friends)..That you could get to dolls during a move is wonderful..hope you can get a breather this week-end. Also wish you could send some rain,we are in the midst of fire season here..temps went down a few degrees but humidity way up. Our fireworks were cancelled on the Fourth.

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  4. From your lips to God’s ears, we got rain today! (early Sunday for us). We are twenty minutes from the coast/San Diego county.but will visit kids in next county north of us Riverside.
    Yesterday I discovered a squash growing by one of holly bushes so doubly blessed for the rain.Hope Naomi gets settled in and you have new adventures together. I feel blessed to have family live close enough to visit now covid travel bans are opening.Thanks so much for the blogs.Such a blessing.Happy Sunday.

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  5. Aww, I really feel for you and Naomi having to deal with moving in the midst of all that rain. Definitely no fun moving boxes and doing long drives in the rain. But, it will all be worthwhile in the end.
    As for Tuppence, she is a sweetie and the outfit looks cheerful with that red trim. Why can’t Mattel make some nice clothes like this for Barbie?


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