Fashion Doll Friday: Hasbro World of Love – Peace

Today our Friday Girl is another rerun. Her name is Peace and she was one of a series of dolls called World of Love made by Hasbro. In the 1970s of course. The World of Love girls were very colourful and new age. Here is a link to a catalogue from 1973.

In Europe these dolls were sold under the name of Miss Matchbox Disco Girls.

Peace is about the same size and build as Skipper and could wear her clothes. She was the only one with skinny enough legs to wear these crop pants. Peace has rooted eyelashes and thick hair. As I don’t have any other World of Love dolls Peace often hangs out with the Turner family. They have so many kids there that one more doesn’t matter.



  1. I don’t remember ever seeing these dolls before, although I’m not sure I was doing much doll collecting in the 1970s. Peace has a sweet face and is my favourite in this line. Thanks for the links to the sites.

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  2. I like the Hasbro World of Love Dolls, but I think you will find the Matchbox Disco Dolls are slightly smaller in face size, and body size. They also have heavier lids, and are a bit more delicate looking. I have both sorts. There’s also a doll sold in the UK which looked a lot like the World of Love dolls but is slightly less good quality, marked Hon Kong, has brown skin, hair and eyes with eyelashes, and I think was Malibu Girl or something similar. I can’t of course find any link to this name, but if your interested I could send a photo. I prefer the Disco Girls ( of course 😄) but they are both nice sets of small dolls. I just wish I could get some more of the fashions, and boots.

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    • Thanks Trish, I was quoting a blog post I’d read about them. I never saw either World of Love or Disco Dolls in the 70s as I was a teen by then anyway and temporarily moving out of the doll phase. Sometimes dolls for the USA market were made under licence by British or European companies. Other times those companies produced a totally different doll but along a similar line. Actually that’s given me an idea for a post comparing them. Dollikins and Action Girl, Topper Dawn and Rock Flowers , Tammy and Sindy. Could be fun to do.


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