Fashion Doll Friday: Mikelman Neuveaux Charice

Today’s Friday Girl is a rerun but one that we have not seen in several years. She is Neuveaux Charice by Mikelman. I bought her new from Paul David’s website sometime in the late 1990s.

At that time I had not been collecting for long and I was very pleased to find a different fashion doll to collect. I have a small number of dolls, mostly bought from the website but one or two from eBay. They were actually not expensive to buy and shipping was not unreasonable in those days. The quality of the dolls was mostly good although we did receive one Dominic doll with a broken leg.

These dolls were all designed by Paul David’s partner Mikelman who had previously designed Candi for Hamilton Designs. These dolls are a very similar body type to Candi. Same type of vinyl, same full figure and high colour face. I liked them because they were not as smiley as the Superstar Barbie’s who were popular at the time.

This particular doll came in several hair colours, two shades of red, two brunettes and two blonde shades. This one is lemon blonde. She has always been a display doll and I dressed her in this gown I bought from an eBay seller which I liked but thought too complicated for the play dolls to wear. In my mind she is a Very Important Person, royalty perhaps or high society.

Once I have her unpacked and on display I will take some new photos of her. After the Fabulous Fur incident with the brunette doll losing her hair I am a little nervous about messing with this one but hopefully she will be alright.



  1. These dolls are wonderful to display. They blend so well with all kinds of 1:6 dolls. Very nice for trying new unique fashions from patterns,etc.. This gal in particular makes a fabulous sweater girl.

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