Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel #1170 TNT Flip Hair Francie c1969

Today’s Friday Girl is one of Naomi’s Francie dolls. She has a short, blonde flip hairstyle and TNT body. Francie has big brown eyes and long lashes. She was originally sold in a pink swimsuit. There was also a brunette with this hairstyle with a yellow hairband.

Francie has been featured in a couple of photo shoots in the past where these photos were taken but surprisingly this is the first time she has been a Friday Girl.

Francie’s full name is Francie Fairchild and she is Barbie’s cousin. Francie first appeared in 1966 and was made until the early 1970s. She was and still is a very popular doll. She appeared to be a little younger than Barbie and her less well developed body was suited to the mod fashions that were starting to appear. Mattel has issued a couple of reproduction Francie dolls including a 50th Anniversary doll in 2016 and also a couple of silkstone versions. Fellow doll blogger Barbielistholland has a very good post about Francie’s timeline. I’ve included a link here.



  1. She’s really cute! By 1966 I had given up playing with my Barbie dolls and so I never had one until I bought one of the reproductions. I love these older versions, though and particularly how her hair is still so nicely “flipped.” My Francie, just like me before her as a high school student, simply cannot keep her flip without it going limp and curling in the wrong direction!

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  2. These are lovely dolls. I love that she’s Barbies cousin. I have a lot of cousins and have enjoyed seeing your Tammy family groups. I love the old pics of Barbies family groups like in the 30 years of Mattel book. I don’t have many Francies but try to style them in something fun. Thanks for the link. Great blog.

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