What’s New At The Tammy House: Are The Turners Slum Lords?

It’s getting pretty crowded at the Tammy house now that the family have moved back in and taken on some new lodgers.

I just bought a few new doll stands so that I could arrange them all a bit better. I didn’t buy enough but I managed to get nearly everyone at the house onto a stand except for the children and a few who will be at the top of the list to get them next time I buy some. I thought I had enough stands for all the display dolls but I think some of them are hiding in boxes of packed up dolls because I sure don’t have enough now.

Tammy House 2021
Tammy Family 2021

Here is the family. Since they last lived here another Grown Up Tammy has joined the family. Poor Mr Turner is right at the back separated from the only other male member of the family, Posin’ Pete.

Reproduction Barbie’s and Midge

The top floor is now occupied by the Reproduction Barbie’s and Midge. They have a lot of space for the five of them but they do have a lot of clothes.

Palitoy and AC Tressy’s and Cricket

The Tressy’s made a huge fuss about their accomodation and did receive an upgrade but not the one they wanted. They now live in the kitchen.

Takara dolls

Two new residents are now occupying the smallest room but more about them another day.



  1. My, what a lot of Tammys ( or should it be Tammies?:) So many I can’t see Mr Turner at all! They all look great together but perhaps some of the older ones should get a new apartment and move out. Lovely to see the Tressys together, even in the kitchen. They look like they’ve been on a trip somewhere which is more than I’ve done in a while. Some of the Barbies look rather offended at being relegated to the loft, however they’re very elegantly offended. Lovely to see so many dolls out!

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    • Once upon a time the Turner family had the whole house to themselves then they let the Tressy’s have the loft. It’s nicely decorated and roomy so everyone likes it up there. When I get more shelving up the older girls can move up there and Mom can have her kitchen back.


  2. An awesome collection! Too funny about the residents in the kitchen and bathroom. I think the Tressy dolls are giving the one in the brown coat the evil eye. “How could you do this to us?!” they cry.

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  3. Pretty much how gatherings go sometimes, Used to put Barbies in the kitchen because I bought them used so only had mommy made “house dresses”. Now I am finding more appropriate costumes they have moved to the red carpet. The Tressy luggage is what I love looking for but rarely find for good prices, as like little Pete Turner. Think I might try some of the glamour gals in the bathroom. Tressy,Ted and Tammy/friends will get the living room Mom and dad the office/bedroom.You and Naomi give me so many great ideas.I think Penny Brite and the neighborhood kids will play in the attic.I think it’s brilliant how you display these dolls in such a homey,fun way. Great blog!

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