Fashion Doll Friday: Tressy in “Evening Date”

Today’s Friday Girl is Palitoy Tressy wearing an outfit called “Evening Date”. You have probably seen the dress on Tressy before. It is the original dress I had as a child but the rosette decoration is missing and I had of course lost all the accessories. Recently I saw the complete outfit on eBay and although it was expensive I decided to buy it because I always thought it was very glamorous when I was a child. It was the poshest dress any of my fashion dolls owned and the fanciest dress I had seen until I first saw Barbie fashions. I don’t buy so many dolls these days so every now and again I buy a vintage outfit or bits to complete one. The only thing missing from this outfit is the coathanger that came with it.

This outfit was made by Palitoy for the British version of Tressy and I could not find it listed with the American Character Tressy fashions so it may be exclusive to Palitoy.

This is not my Tressy by the way. She is one of Naomi’s and she has the nicest hair of all our Tressy’s I think. I really like the high colour of first issue Tressy don’t you?



  1. She looks in great condition and what a beautiful outfit. I don’t remember it at all sadly. The ones I had were the green/ blue check city outfit with the bag and umbrella, and the ski outfit which was a favourite but the trousers were not hard wearing. I’ve still got the jumper and the green suit.

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    • I think I appreciate Tressy much more now than I did as a child. I preferred Sindy and Tammy then and while I still do I appreciate the excellent face painting of the original AC and Palitoy Tressy’s so much more now.


  2. So yesterday on a facebook ,Tressy doll and family group someone said Mattel owns the rights to Tressy and Tammy.they said they discovered it while working on a doll project with Tonner.


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