Styled by Zane

Today we’re happy to share with you some pictures of some of the guys wearing their favourite fashions. Their looks were co-ordinated by Zane (aka Divergent 4), as he is the most stylish of all Naomi’s boys.

Fashion Coordinator: Zane Silvers

The Models:

Let’s meet the models. Most of them you will have seen before.

  • Jude Blue – Hunger Games Mockingjay Gale 2015
  • Xeon – Fashionista Ryan 2013?
  • Phoenix Gold – Hunger Games Catching Fire Peeta 2013
  • Kerby – Play Along Toys Aaron Carter
  • Maxton – Fashionista #139 2020
  • Oberon – Fashionista Ken 2012-13
  • Lexter – Simba Kevin c2000
  • Krome – Fashionista Ryan 2013
  • Kruse – One Direction Niall Horan 2013
  • Maverik Black- Hunger Games Mockingjay Peeta 2015 * This is not a spelling error. Maverik chose to drop the “c” from his name.

The Fashions:

Zane has styled most of the guys with short jackets over long shirts or T-shirts but each has his own individual look. Clothing is a mixture of Ken fashions and clothing sourced from various eBay and Etsy sellers mostly based in China. Most of them kept the jeans they were wearing from their previous outfits because they are the best fit on those particular guys.

Zane’s own outfit. Camo pants and top from eBay/Etsy. Grey woolen jacket from Twilight Edward.

Jude is wearing a blue hoodie from a seller in China. Naomi bought several of these in different colours. Blue is Jude’s signature colour so of course he had to have this.

Krome keeps it simple with T-shirt by Mattel, jeans and a leather jacket.


Lexter is another who favours jeans and a leather jacket but Zane has added a shirt and silver tie for a different look. This and the jacket are older Ken fashions.

Kerby has a denim jacket over a T-shirt, also Ken fashions.


For working behind the bar Oberon chooses a check shirt with a pink bow tie and a denim jacket. All fashions by Mattel.

Kruse looks very cool in his jeans which I think are Mattel and sweater and jacket from eBay. He never leaves home without his tinted glasses.


With a name like Phoenix Gold of course he had to have a gold jacket.

Maverik prefers the comfort of his denim jacket but today Zane has styled him with a navy blue shirt instead of his usual black T-shirt. His boots are from The Tiny Frock Shop and are by Avastars.


Xeon is wearing a retro Ken jacket from the Fashion Avenue era and a signature Ken “61” top underneath.

Last of all we have Maxton, Max to his friends who is also wearing a classic Ken top.


We hope that you have enjoyed having a look at what the well dressed guy around town is wearing. Naomi enjoyed giving the boys all something new to wear even though it was by mixing and matching what she already had. I had a great time photographing and editing the fashions.

Look out for Zane in future posts, we love seeing him in different outfits and in future he will be the coordinator for any male fashion shoots.

Zane Silvers


  1. Yummy! Love all the delish-fab beau-hunks! I Still have Zane/4 on my wish-list. I need more manly fashions, my older Kens and clones have more clothes than modern stuff.Love seeing these boys of summer.Awesome blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Zane looks very cool as the fashion coordinator, and it’s interesting to see how the basics (jacket, top & pants) express each guy’s personality. Excellent posing & settings, too. Everyone is a pro, including you and Naomi. Thanks for the fun fashion shoot.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very cool styling! All the guys look fab, and I love the blue on Maxton, it’s definitely his colour! Well done, Zane. 🙂 My guys need more clothes as well, some of them have nothing to wear yet, poor fellas.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I must have missed this. You’ve done really well coming up with some interesting fashions for the men. I think they’re very underserved in the clothing line.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Naomi deserves all the credit for this one. She patiently searches eBay and Etsy for just the right things and works out how to mix and match to make her guys look like real people not Disney characters.


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