Fashion Doll Friday: Tomy Takara Tomoki c2004

Our Friday Guy this week is this boyish looking doll who I believe is one of Takara Jenny’s boyfriends. She seems to have had quite a few! This one I believe is named Tomiko. He is wearing his original outfit. On his back he is marked (c) Takara CO.,LTD. 1987 Japan and some writing in Japanese which I imagine says the same thing.

Tomiko has arms and legs that seem to bend slightly. He does not have a TNT waist. He has silver stud earrings in each ear.

I don’t know a great deal about these dolls. As far as I know they were never sold in Australia. I tried to find a bit more information and came up with a few Jenny related sites but apart from listing them not much was said about the boyfriends or their outfits.

Tomiko and Jenny who I’ll feature next week are part of Naomi’s fashion doll collection.



  1. Cutie Pie! I have two boys one from Japan one from China. None have dates. My china guy has hair like yours parted differently with a school uniform. The Japan boy is redressed but has a similar face. They are both shorter than my Brunette Japan Jenny doll. Your guy looks taller. These are fun to display with Sailor moon and Dolls of the world dolls.. Great blog!

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