Doll Knitting

After a very long break I’ve started knitting for the dolls and teddies again. Now that many of the vinyl and hard plastic dolls are unpacked I want to start making outfits for those that don’t have anything to wear. At the moment I still have no room to set up my sewing machine but I can knit so I have brought all my wool upstairs where it is currently taking up space in my wardrobe. Naomi has quite a few teddies who are in need of jumpers too so I’ll probably alternate between doll and teddy outfits for a bit of variety.

Some of the bears are large enough that I can use patterns for children’s jumpers for them. The dolls are varying sizes but most of those needing clothes are about 14-16 inches. I actually sat down and made a spreadsheet the other night. I need to make tops for two Ratti girls and an unmarked doll who is probably an Australian Pedigree. There is also an Evergreen, a Lorrie doll and some smaller dolls, a ten inch Uneeda, Naomi’s two Rosebud babies, they do have clothes but she doesn’t like them, a tiny Estrela and a couple of unmarked made in Hong Kong babies. Oh, and two modern vinyl Berjusa babies I bought from the Op Shop. I don’t know if I will keep those two but if I let them go I still want them dressed. Anyway that should give me quite a bit of variety I think.

image Ratti dolls
Two dolls made by the Ratti company
10 inch baby dolls

I’ll post the results here so you can see what I’ve been doing. As you may recall, the last knitting project I did was the dress for my little Pedigree baby.

Knitted dress


  1. A spreadsheet! You are so organized!! Do post pictures as you work through the projects. I know they’ll be an inspiration/motivator for me. I’m sure we all have dolls and teddies who are crying out for some clothes.

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  2. Pulling out the patterns, I will be checking Teddy bears too for needed work.(Something I almost ALWAYS forget.)Plus compo babies need clothing or diapers I STILL need a pram or wicker basket carrier.I admire your knitting dolls clothing as I cant follow knit patterns..Mostly Barbie and friends have been getting clone stuff. Now I need to get other dolls dressed too.Great blog.

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