Fashion Doll Friday: Takara Jenny/Friend? 15th Anniversary 2000

Today our Friday Girl is one of Naomi’s Takara Fashion dolls. This is the 15th Anniversary Edition and several dolls were issued with different hair colours and different colour bathing suits. I’m unsure whether this is Jenny or her friend Julia. Here and here are photos of a boxed doll. I think that she might be more suntanned than these though. I also wondered about Kisara but as I said I know little or nothing about Takara dolls so if anyone knows which one she is please let us know.



  1. Jenny has a lot of friends, but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a really good reference site for identification. But, whether Naomi’s doll is Jenny or one of Jenny’s friends, she is a beautiful doll. The Jenny and Licca chan dolls have such sweet, innocent looking faces.

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  2. I found a few comparison pics on the,Licca I think is a little sister don’t even know where to look for who’s who..there was a blonde Timotei and the smallest was Lottie, I think one friend was Kisara, and another Naomi or Naom a brunette w/ bangs.Harruto was a boy and Bravo a boy with long hair.
    In my personal collection I have a Tall doll withlight bule hair marked Takara/Japan that came nude,just slightly taller than my sailor moon doll wth a smaller rounder head. A brunette a head shorter w/ same marks I think is Lottie, smallest I think is Licca, 2 boys 9″ slightly different faces one from Japan one from China.The China Tomy was marked Takara on the clothes.I think I have a blonde Jenny somewhere but she wasn’t in storage. I think I’ll pop back on to Kattis Dolls to see if she has any listings/pics.. Great blog!

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