She Met Ken -ABC Doll Club Virtual Convention

It’s been a long time since I was able to go to a doll show. Two years in fact. I went to the 2019 Hobart Doll Show, last year’s show was cancelled of course and this year making the trip down south for it is not on the cards. For those of you who can go it’s this weekend September 17-19 at the Waterside Pavilion in Hobart (a new venue). If any Tassie readers are going please let me know how it goes.

This year I became a financial member of the ABC Doll Club which has chapters in several states. If you are interested in learning more about the club they have a website and a Facebook chat group. The club normally holds a bi-annual convention but of course this year it has not been able to go ahead. Instead, this coming Sunday they are holding a mini convention which will be live for those states not in lockdown and virtual for members whose groups were not able to put on an event and those of us who are too far away to attend.

The Birthday Girl arrives.

While it’s not the same as going to a doll show and browsing over the sale tables and chatting to other collectors it is a great idea I think. As this year is Ken’s 60th Anniversary the theme of the convention is “She Met Ken”. The way that the mini convention will work is that the admins of the Facebook group have created a special convention page which can be accessed by financial members only. There will be online events which will be structured around the live events going on in Queensland and South Australia. There will also be virtual sales tables. The admins have cleverly worked out a way for members to sell their dolls on the day so that it will be fair for everyone.

Ken in his original beach shirt.

I have never actually been to a doll convention IRL but one of the things that collectors who have been to them talk about is the convention gifts. Amazingly we are getting gifts too. My parcel arrived today. We’ve all been asked not to peek before Sunday so as not to spoil the surprise for those who will receive theirs on the day. I’m looking forward to finding out what’s in the box.

Painted hair Ken from 1983

I don’t know how much of Sunday’s event I’ll be able to participate in. It’s different at home where you have your normal activities to actually going to an event in person. However, I’ll try to drop in so I can write about it afterwards, and show the contents of my parcel of course.

Ken,Swirl Barbie, Dr Kildare, Repro Barbie, Midge, Allan and Skipper
Ken, Swirl Barbie, Dr Kildare, Repro Barbie, Midge, Allan and Skipper

The 2023 Convention is to be held at the Grand Chancellor Hotel in Adelaide from June 9-11th. The theme title is “Ain’t Misbehavin”. I’m not sure what that will be about but the logo looks rather art deco so I’m thinking it might be a 1920s-30s sort of theme which would be fun. As it is nearly two years away and in Adelaide in winter time I’m considering going along. I’d have time to save up for it between now and then.



  1. Glad you’ve joined the ABC, I’ve been there for decades (was President many moons ago, lol) and the conventions are always fun. This will be different but it’s good that people who may not normally be able to, can now participate too. See you on Sunday. πŸ™‚

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  2. Awesomesause! I would love going to a doll convention! The closest I ever got was a gun show that some venders sold G.I. Joes, and the virtual doll convention by Rachel Hoffman. I have gone to a few houses where the people owned awesome collections. One of which I had donated several dolls to that did tours during the holidays with a reindeer/unicorn and giant Nutcrackers, etc.. I hope you get a certain Ken I’ve seen this year. Excited for you! Staying tuned..same Bat time ,same Bat channel..Great blog!

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