Fashion Doll Friday: Integrity Alyssa Capri Casual 2001

Our Friday Girl this week is a bit different. I don’t keep many boxed dolls because a) I’m a serial de-boxer and b) boxed dolls take up more room.

This is Capri Casual Alyssa. I bought her years ago when Integrity made dolls I could afford to buy. I don’t really know why I never de-boxed her. I really like her outfit and I often thought about borrowing it for other dolls but I never did. I have taken her out of her box to be photographed to avoid too many reflections but I’m still undecided about what to do with her long term.



  1. I’m hearing a little voice calling out, “Free at last!” Love that red hair and the striking outfit, but it would be fun to see what Alyssa looks like in other outfits. (I’m a serial deboxer, too.)

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  2. She is gorgeous! I’d have been afraid to de-box too. I might if for no other reason than I can get guilted into donating Mint/boxed dolls to service families for Christmas. However I’d make the exception here and be SOOO conflicted. She reminds me of my 16″ Gene doll, so glamour gal..and I ADORE black/white outfits!! Awesome doll! Great blog!

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  3. Wow, Integrity dolls have really changed since 2001! I never keep any dolls in boxes as if I buy them, I play with them, but she might be worth keeping in hers. She seems like a real collector’s piece.

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