Kid Kreations Sindy Playline 2021

Just a quick post about Sindy today. I read on a Facebook page over the weekend that some new Sindy dolls were soon to be released. The post was quite vague and there were no photos, only some graphics showing how one of the dolls might look. Since then I’ve been looking out for more information and today I found another piece with actual photos and prices.

The story goes that several new dolls will be released as themed playsets, initially only in the UK. Not great news for Sindy fans in other parts of the world but apparently the manufacturers may consider making them available in other countries if there is demand for them.

I can’t show you the photos here as yet but if you check out the link below you can see the photos and descriptions of the six dolls.

Here are the themes and prices. Each doll comes with the appropriate accessories. The dolls come in different skin tones and hair colours. All the dolls appear to be articulated at elbows wrists and knees.

Riding Club Sindy £35
Ballerina £25
Pet Parlour £25
Fashion Blogger £20
Salon Stylist £20
Sweet Treats £20

Just on the initial look I’d say redhead Riding Club Sindy would be the one I’d probably want although Fashion Blogger Sindy is also very nice with dark skin and dark curly hair. I think Ballerina Sindy looks a bit cartoonish but that might just be the photography. Her outfit is cute. Pet Parlour Sindy has long blonde plaits and Salon Stylist and Sweet Treats have pink and purple hair. As you know I’m not a fan of coloured hair so I wouldn’t be buying these but they are well done.

I’ll keep an eye out for any further information to share.

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  1. Wow – that’s exciting news. I’d been hoping to buy a Sindy for my granddaughters collection. I’m sure she’ll love one of these. I hope they make plenty to serve demand. I’m sure they’ll be available in Australia and Tasmania soon. We’re supposed to be all about trade now! I really like the variations though I find the price rises a bit steep for a plastic horse and some plastic props.

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      • Yes me too. I find the plastic bits too fiddly, they get broken or lost and anyway, kids make up their own stories. They don’t need these props, but I suppose it’s a way of justifying the price. They’re lovely looking dolls though.

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  2. Thanks for sharing the info & links. I like the Fashion Blogger and Sweet Treats Sindy dolls. The prices seem to be comparable to Mattel dolls, but I would be happier without the props and a lower price. The real question is whether these dolls will make it to the retail shelves in other countries.

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  3. Hi! I haven’t managed to visit your site for ages but was so pleased to hear about these Sindyson your site. Being in the UK and having some birthday money left I took the plunge and bought the Fashion Blogger and Pet Parlour. Like you, I am not overkeen on pink and purple haired dolls (though saying that, I do have Space Fantasy Sindy) I have deboxed fashion blogger as I would like her to use in photoshoots and kept Pet Parlour boxed as a keepsake. Fashion blogger has fabulous black curly hair which could easily be unruly if not looked after! She has articulated wrists, knees and elbows. She does not have rooted eyelashes but the face is much more like Pedigree Sindy. (In my view, Tonner did not get it right.) The box converts to a fashion shop and there are cut out clothes which can be fitted to a cut out mannequin. It’s great to have playline Sindy again.

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    • It is great to have a playline Sindy again. I hope she will make her way to Australia though it probably won’t be in time for Christmas. I really hope they follow up with some separate fashions. I agree with you about Tonner Sindy. She is pretty but I didn’t feel they had got her quite right. The Kidz Kreations dolls seem truer to the spirit of Sindy to me. Nice to see you back.


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