Scary Hair Update: Lori’s New Outfit

I did a lot of knitting over the weekend and have more or less finished Lori’s new outfit. I still have to make her a pair of panties. I did make some but they came out too small. It’s funny because normally I don’t knit a tension square as the experts say you should. I either just use the knitting needles recommended in the pattern or automatically adjust a size because I am a slightly loose knitter. Well, this time I decided that I would knit a tension square and accordingly chose a smaller needle to get the tension right. Most of Lori’s outfit fitted her comfortably but the panties came out way too small. So I’ll knit another pair on larger needles. She has swingy legs so will probably be displayed seated until I get her a stand. As she can’t sit like a lady she needs panties. The small pair won’t be wasted. I am sure they will fit another doll.

I also have to get some suitable buttons for the back of her little jumper. I was supposed to crochet round the back edges to neaten them and make button loops but I can’t crochet so I’ve just left it. The back won’t be seen anyway as she has her jacket on. If I knit this pattern again I will just do what I’ve done before and pick up the stitches and knit a button band.

However, I felt that I’d done enough to be able to show you the result so here it is.

Her hat is a good fit and will keep her new fringe in place very well. If she gets a major clean in the future I’ll probably oil her hair again just to see if I can get it any shinier but I think she is a big improvement on the sad looking doll with scary hair.



  1. Very nice job! The green and white combination looks great on her! I really like the 3 rib skirt (that’s what I think it is, couldn’t get my tablet to zoom closer to be sure). I haven’t tried knitting a sweater yet, just crochet them. You could bind off 2+ stitches( depending on the size of the button) to make a button hole next time.

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  2. Green is great , very fresh w/white..I might attempt something w/ crochet knit for my Toni gal w/uneven fringe. Maybe just the skirt as I have a wine bottle sweater/jumper I got at Fed Ex store about the right size. Meant to ask did you tell us what size needles you use, I have a tendency toward tight tension, and dropped stitches, so very infrequently knit things other than doll bedding. Great ideas! Great blog!

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    • I know your American needle sizes are different so you will have to convert. The pattern called for 3.75mm needles. I used slightly smaller 3.25. If you are a tight knitter maybe try a 4mm, that works well with 8 ply. Luckily when you have as many dolls as we have there is always going to be a doll that will be the right size for what you make.


  3. True..mostly doing small crochet knit blankets and throws and something I call a pea pod, to put on my baby dolls. My Teddy’s could do with winter wear so more sweaters and caps will be welcome. (Also booties for the babies).

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