She Met Ken: The Goodie Bag

As I wrote in my previous post the ABC Doll Club held their virtual convention “She Met Ken”, last Sunday. If you want to read more about some of the activities I’d suggest popping over to Jenjoy’s “All Dolled Up” as she has written a post about it too. Jenjoy is a long time member and past President of the club so she knows way more about them than I do.

I wasn’t able to spend much time online Sunday due to having to cook meals and the fact that the dollroom is currently occupied by a houseguest so I couldn’t set any dolls up to photograph. I never feel like I can spend a lot of time online when we have company anyway. I did log on for the welcome speech and later to find out who won the doll display competition we’d previously voted on and the drawing of raffle prizes. I didn’t win a prize sadly but I did have the goodie box so I can’t complain.

It was good fun to receive a goodie box in the post and I did wait until the appropriate time, after the President’s welcome speech before I opened it. Not all the boxes were the same although all had similar contents. Here’s mine.

Contents of the Goodie Bag

These goodie bags were all given to us free by the way. A lovely gesture by the club. Those of you who are overseas may not realise that Sydney and Melbourne as well as regional areas in NSW and Victoria are currently in Covid lockdown and have been for several weeks due to a rise in Delta cases. I’m sure it really cheered up members in those states to get a gift and an excuse to play dolls for the day.

Mattel donated the dolls for the bags. I’m not sure if everyone got a Ken but I’d say that was likely given that it is Ken’s 60th Anniversary year.

Fashionista Ken 154

This is not a Ken that either Naomi or I would have chosen ourselves as we don’t like fantasy hair colours all that much. I was uncertain what to do with him but Naomi asked if she could use him to experiment with painting molded hair so that is what will happen to him. We’ll show the results after she does it. Don’t know when that will be. There was also an outfit. I haven’t seen this before and haven’t unwrapped it yet so I’m unsure if it is also Mattel or generic.

Ken outfit

These shoes were donated by a member. You can see their eBay store on the label. Lots of doll and toy stuff to look at there.

Fashion doll shoes

The cute little tote bag below was also donated by a member, Angela,(LadyEmeraldCouture – Etsy and Instagram @lady_emerald_couture). I can’t believe she sat down and made so many of these.

Tote bag by Lady Emerald Couture

Last of all a badge, nothing says you belong to a club like having a badge.

Convention Badge

I hope to take part in more club activities in the future. I think there are a couple of other Tasmanian members although I’m’ not sure if they are in the northwest like me.



  1. Looks like your goodie bag was full of fun goodies. Lots of play value. I think this Ken doll has a very nice face. I like the fantasy hair colour, but it will be interesting to see how Naomi repaints the molded hair and how you redress him. Maybe he’ll turn out to be a bad boy?

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  2. Also the big wigs for the made to be me dolls would be a good fit. I’ve seen these Ken dolls and wondered if it would repaint or if the hair could be removed and put fuzzy stuff on a bald head..Love the outfits and beach bag & shoes. I am looking for guy shoes, and Cher shoes. Great pics,Great fun, Great blog.

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  3. I saw on online today a news caption that near Melbourne there had been an earthquake. If that is accurate, I hope you and Naomi are safe and suffered no damage! I would love to go to doll events, but since I need to use a wheelchair, some places are almost impossible to navigate through. Some of my favorite thrift stores have so small aisles I can’t get through them, which cuts down on shopping and temptation a lot! I hope you enjoy your goodie bag!

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    • Hi Helen, yes there was an earthquake in Victoria yesterday. I believe the epicentre was in a rural area but it was felt in various parts of the state and also in NSW and some people reported feeling something here in Tasmania. A building in the inner Melbourne suburb, an old building, was badly damaged but I have friends in another suburb further north who didn’t even feel it. Naomi and I are fine, we didn’t feel anything here although someone else in our neighbourhood posted to social media that they did. I haven’t heard that anyone was hurt so that’s very good news.
      Cluttered shops are the worst if you are trying to navigate aisles in a wheelchair or with a baby stroller too. At the one I worked at we tried to keep items off the floor to make it easier for people to get around but it was still very difficult because there was just not enough room. I think the most cluttered stores I’ve been in though are second hand book shops. I love them but a couple had so many books piled up that it was almost impossible to move around and if you saw a book you wanted you might have to move a dozen others just to get to it.


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