Fashion Doll Friday: Vintage Style Outfit

I am a little bit late posting today as I had been feeling a bit off colour. I’m putting it down to getting my first Covid shot on Wednesday. I don’t usually have headaches. It wasn’t that bad but I felt a bit blah.

Anyway, I thought that today I’d do something a bit different. I wanted to show you an outfit I bought at the recent ABC Doll Club Virtual Convention. My plan was to show the outfit on three different dolls. The seller had labelled it as Barbie’s 1964 outfit Crisp’n’Cool and to be honest that’s what I thought it was too until I took it out of the bag today and noticed that the blouse was not the same as the one illustrated. I thought it might be a variation so I took to the internet to see if there were any photos of different versions but didn’t come across one. Neither the blouse nor the skirt are tagged so I’m now wondering if this is actually a very good Mommy made version of the outfit. In any case I’m quite happy with it so it doesn’t matter.

My three models are Kate, who has the Model Muse body, Serena who has a TNT body and Naomi’s vintage, brunette Swirl Ponytail doll. Kate, of course can’t wear the shoes and the skirt is a little loose but that meant I could tuck the blouse in. It only has one snap so it looks better that way. Her hands are too big for the gloves. Serena can wear the shoes and the gloves although they are a little snug. The modern TNT’s hands are a little larger than the vintage girls it seems. It is a perfect fit on Miss Swirl Barbie of course.

I have included an illustration of the original “Crisp N Cool” from “Dressing Barbie” by Carol Spencer so you can see the difference. I think the little bag looks nice with this outfit and the seller did find me some gloves after the sale. I also like the little reproduction book she included which has illustrations of Barbie paper doll books. We have several of the ones pictured so that was fun.



  1. Congrats on getting your first COVID shot! Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Jenjoy is right; the blouse is from Skipper’s School Girl outfit. With a little bit of mix n matching you can get two outfits out of this, although it does seem to me that Serena has laid claim to the whole outfit. I actually think the replacement bag looks prettier than the original.

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    • I like the replacement bag with it . I’m going to be on the lookout for the correct blouse for Crisp N Cool and for the rest of Skipper’s uniform. I always liked that one as a child but never had it. Serena does wear the outfit well.


    • Yes, lots better. I feel OK today, three days after, no headache just a bad taste in my mouth but I still have smell and taste so nothing to worry about. That blouse must have been quite big on Skipper. I’ll put it on one of them later to see how it hangs.


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