Knitting Update: Susie’s Dress

This week I finished the modified dress for the redheaded doll, now known as Susie. It worked out quite well I think. I like the two girls in their matching dresses. For Susie’s dress I worked 5 rows between decreases in the skirt instead of three but I only worked 3 rows of stocking stitch at the waist instead of six as I did with the original dress. I think the six rows gives a more fitted waist but I’m happy with what I did. The top was the same for both dresses. I still have to sew hooks or buttons to the back of each dress.

knitted dress
Susie’s new dress
Matching knitted dresses

I feel like I’ve looked at that colour for long enough now so I’ve switched to a variegated yarn and am making a jumper for one of Naomi’s bears. She has so many that it will go to whoever it fits and looks good on. It won’t be big enough for Teddy James here but he has an outfit already which is currently in the wash. I may make him a new one eventually because he’s such a handsome bear.

Susie and friends


  1. I think both dresses look great on both dolls! Especially Susie with her red hair and blue eyes it’s quite striking. It looks like Susie’s dress has a little bit longer sleeve with maybe a picot edging on it? You did a great job!

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  2. I agree that both dresses look lovely and you did an excellent job. I had to smile about the jumper for the bears. It is nice to knit a garment knowing that someone – a doll or bear – is sure to fit into it.

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