Fashion Doll Friday: Ideal Misty in Fur’n’Formal

Our Friday Girl today is Ideal Misty, Tammy’s best friend. Misty was featured on Fashion Doll Friday in 2017 but today she is wearing a new dress.

This is a Tammy fashion called “Fur’N’Formal. My book lists two serial numbers #9176-9 and #9952-3. I bought it loose a year or so ago and this is the first time I’ve put it on any of the dolls. The dress originally came with a lot of accessories which sadly I don’t have. They are:

  • flesh coloured stockings
  • red closed toe shoes
  • red floral headband
  • long white gloves
  • gold purse
  • “pearl” necklace and bracelet
  • white fur stole with a red bow

I will at least try to find her some red shoes. The ones she is wearing are Sindy shoes I think. You can see an example of the complete outfit here.



  1. Lovely dolk. I have a blond Misty but no original clothes for her. She’s wearing a crocheted Chanel suit I made.
    By the way….the shoes yours is wearing are Fleur sandals…..not Sindys 🤭🤭🤭🤭
    So enjoy your posts.

    Greetings from Holland

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  2. Misty looks very chic. I hope you manage to source some of the other bits, though the fur wrap might be possible to make and the clutch bag? I had no idea that Ideal Tammy had so many outfits. I don’t think Sindy was so well blessed….I know that amongst me and my friends, outfits were in short supply and Grandmas tended to provide quite a few of the home made clothes. Thanks for pointing me to the Tammy blog – it was interesting to see the families and accessories.

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  3. Misty is one of my favorites for home-made. Her bigger head is good for thicker fashions not looking so odd. Also I love her in anything with boots, a bag or coat. I wish I had a brunette. I think she looks wonderful as a girlfriend to most any type of doll. I really think I would have adored having her when I was younger, and making clothes for her..Great blog!

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