Fashion Doll Friday: Reproduction 35th Anniversary Midge1998

While I was searching for a doll for today’s post I was very surprised to discover that I had never featured my 35th Anniversary Midge so here she is as today’s Friday Girl.

Naomi gave me this set a long time ago. I think she was the first brand new reproduction doll I had. She came wearing her yellow and orange two piece swimsuit. Included in the set was a reproduction of “Senior Prom” a lovely green ballgown. I left Midge in her box for many years until lack of space on the shelf meant that she either came out of the box or went into storage. I had always wanted to put “Senior Prom” on a doll so she came out. The outfit is currently being worn by my vintage Midge.

I think that’s why Repro Midge has stayed in the background a little. Both Naomi and I have vintage Midge dolls. However, I think this one is a very pretty reproduction. She has the Titian hair, my vintage doll is a brunette. I always see Midge as a redhead in my mind’s eye. She also has beautiful big blue eyes. At present she is wearing “Golden Girl” #911 which is one of my favourite vintage dresses.

By the way, I don’t know if it is just my imagination but it seems to me that the default font which I’m typing in now is smaller than it used to be. I’ve typed the rest of the post in the medium font. Please let me know in comments if you would prefer that in future.



  1. Your repro Midge is a charming doll. She looks ready for a night out in that lovely Golden Girl dress. I also always think of Midge as a redhead although my vintage Midge has what I call “dirty blonde” hair.
    I can read the default font, but my tired old eyes prefer the medium font. Thanks for asking.

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  2. Midge is gorgeous – and I love her in that dress, but really, she looks good in so many things. I like a larger print, so my strained old eyes can read easily. :>)

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  3. It all looks good to me, I adore the repo Midge, I have the pink/orange bikini version..I did put her in the vintage prom dress I have, but after I got my 60 ann ken w/ blond hair I mostly pair them up.I think prom dress is on brunette Vin. Midge.Alot is in storage as I have Harry Potter crew and franken dollys out for Halloween, and Anthony Hopkins Hannible Lecter and Cruella DeVil. Iknow Ill be digging in storage for post halloween/pre-x-mas stuff Coca cola Santa and Kid Kore dolls and clones Fun blog!.

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