Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie Signature Looks #5 2021

Today’s Friday Guy is Naomi’s brand new Ken who is from the Signature Looks line. I don’t know if he is even called Ken as each doll just has a model number. Anyway, he will get a real name once he is de-boxed this weekend.

As you can see, he is on a Made to Move body and has rooted and flocked hair. We like his outfit; Zane will probably pinch those leather pants before long. We’re not so crazy about the hair though so he may get wigged if Naomi can’t restyle it to cover the flocking. I don’t think there will be enough of it to do that. He will also be getting a shave.

I have included the photo of the whole line which is on the back of the box.



  1. I like the facemolds..if I could just get the heads I’d buy the lot..I want the AA male as Laurant character from Twilight. This doll is cool enough to sport a hat or hoodie.Not a fan of the MTM bodies, even though my Billie Jean King doll has one and poses nicely.The black/white clothing is cool.I’m generally happy w/ these good looking dolls.

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  2. Congrats on getting this doll. I can’t wait to see the makeover!
    I like the MTM bodies and had ordered two dolls from this Signature Looks Line in mid-June from The shipping date kept getting moved. By Sept. Amazon was quoting an end of Oct. date so I gave up and spent my money on books instead. LOL! Now the Signature Looks dolls are back on Amazon, but at $69.99 CAD. Nope, not paying that much!

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  3. Some of my favorite sellers have some of these dolls in stock,but I wanted Hagrid for Halloween,then buying for toy drive/donations.Our dollar store has Barbie/basic quality clones for $6 and dresses for $2.Still looking for cool Ken stuff. Gonna look at Kattis dolls to see if she has any of the new doll faces.

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