Fashion Doll Friday: Sindy in Happy Traveller & Summery Days

Today’s Friday Girl was last featured in 2016 although she’s appeared in several Sindy related posts since then. She is one of my Made in England Sindy’s from around 1963-65. I really love this Sindy face. I think there is something in her expression that none of the other fashion dolls of her era manage to capture, even Tammy who she resembles.

Unfortunately, Sindy has lost half a finger, but she still displays well. In the first photo which is an old one she is wearing the coat to “Happy Traveller” I love this coat. I would dearly like to get the grey pleated skirt that goes with it. I do have a red top which might be the correct one. I think I have the camera from this outfit amongst my props.

As it is a a warm day Sindy has unbuttoned her coat to reveal “Summery Days”. I am not sure if this is my original childhood outfit as I have a couple of these dresses. This is the version that I had as a child anyway. the 1963 version.



  1. Such a friendly, happy doll. My granny would have made many crocheted outfits, or my mom sewn some or taught me to. I like Sindy with Ted Turner I only have small Paul). What a great Outfit the coat/skirt and top would have been. I would love to find something like it. What fun pictures it makes. Great blog!

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  2. What a beautiful Sindy! I love to see the Sindy dolls that are not blondes. This one looks quite serious; she must be heading out on a business trip. The grey coat is fab and I think the dress makes a nice contrast.

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