Fashion Doll Friday: Holiday Surprise Barbie 2000

Our Friday Girl today is Holiday Surprise Barbie aka Lynne. I do like her outfit which is festive without being too over the top. Lynne has the TNT body which Mattel was still using for collectible dolls at that time.



  1. Such a beautiful face and colouring. And nice to see a holiday Barbie dress that doesn’t have a big, poofy skirt. Very elegant.


  2. She’s absolutely gorgeous! I’m not very familiar with this era of Barbie dolls and she’s really lovely. My granddaughter introduced me to Barbie again much later in the decade and we mostly played with pink princesses.


  3. Lovely doll, makes me want to un bin more than my re-bodied Coca Cola Santa (Hagrid’s body/belly). I love the “green theme” Rhett & Scarlett are even green/Red themed this year. Wish there were Christmas themed Kens, and outfits. I know there was a green theme Barbie set with her sisters that Kid Kore dolls copied. I know I’ll be looking this gal up for more ideas. Great blog!


  4. Some of my x-mas theme guy dolls are just wearing knit sweaters,caps, or scarves. I use ornaments or elf sweaters for my smaller dolls.I buy any home-mades I can find. I would love to buy more coats for all sizes of my dolls.

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