Where Is Bill?

A few months ago, Naomi bought the red-haired Fashionista doll and the one with long rooted hair. These days if she sees a male fashion doll that she thinks she might be able to restyle she buys him and puts him aside for later and that’s what happened with these two. There was a plan for the redhead, he was to receive a wig and he was given the name Bill.

The elusive Fashionista Redhead

Every time Naomi came to Sisters Beach, she brought a car load of her belongings including her fashion dolls, clothing and props. Naturally she thought that Bill must be amongst these things but she couldn’t find him. I was pretty sure that I had not seen him. I had moved a few things around, taking out dolls or clothes to be photographed and generally rearranging the shelves but I saw no sign of the plastic shopping bag that Naomi said that she had put Bill in. It worried me a lot. I kept thinking that maybe I had seen the bag and put it somewhere and forgotten about it, even though I had no visual memory of seeing either Bill or his long-haired friend. “Where is Bill?” became a frequent topic of conversation.

Months passed and eventually Naomi got fed up and bought another redhead. She didn’t worry about replacing the Fashionista as she didn’t like him as much. The new doll was deboxed, given the name of Maxxon, and redressed. Guess what happened then? Yes, Bill turned up at her house back in Oatlands. I was very relieved that my memory had not been playing tricks on me.

Redhead No. 2 aka Maxxon

So now Bill could get his wig and be redressed; as soon as Naomi remembered where she put the wig.

Fashionista 139


  1. Sounds like a good name for a mystery. Where’s Bill! Glad you found him. I don’t much like the fashionista males though their clothes are nicely put together and they seem to have good shoes.

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    • We are not crazy about them either. Naomi really only buys the ones with conservative hairstyles, especially if she plans to put wigs on them. “Man Bun” Ken for example is hopeless. You can’t restyle him unless you are willing to cut the bun off leaving a hole in his head. We don’t really like the face styling on a lot of them either but Bill/Maxxon has lovely blue eyes and a pale skin tone. His looks are more classic than trendy. Most Fashionistas are too trendy for us.


  2. LOL – Sounds like what happens at my house. As soon as I stop looking for something – or replace it – the lost item turns up. Bill is probably glad to have a twin, and Maxxon looks fab in his new outfit.

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  3. I think my original Coca Cola Santa had a partially articulated/pale body I got him used on E-bay for under $30..rebodied him onto chubbier Hagrid’s body, whose head ended up on taller John Littlechap, all pale dude.

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