Fashion Doll Friday: Ideal Dodi 1964

Today’s Friday Girl is Pepper’s friend Dodi. She has featured previously but not for a while. These photos were taken during a different fashion shoot. I think that Dodi has a very cute face don’t you?

If you go here, you can see some very nice photos of Dodi wearing Pepper fashions.



  1. Your Dodi is certainly very cute, but she also looks mischievous. I’m always learning something new on your blog. I don’t remember ever hearing about Dodi before. Thanks for the link. Dodi looks sweet in all the outfits, including the red dress and pink/black separates in your pictures.

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  2. I’ve never seen a Dodi doll before! I do think dolls of old were much more varied and interesting and their clothes were too! I like the check skirt pink jumper combo.

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  3. I saw someone’s Dodi that had been re-rooted brunette. I have two, the standard one and suntanned/blond one. It’s fun to dress them.They do look a bit elfish to me.Thanks for the link, I love this doll body how she can wear the thinner Pepper stuff.I can see her in Harry Potter stuff and a very young Littlechap, or w/ Tressy,and other clones. She’s a great “blender”in displays. Great blog!

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