Doll House: Miniature Worlds of Wonder

I was browsing through Facebook posts while chatting to a friend and came across this link.

Big kids, little kids – this one’s for you. Doll House: Miniature Worlds of Wonder is a rather curious exhibition featuring all things miniature, including more than 40 doll houses, furniture and accessories. The oldest little abodes on display date back to the 1880s, which is pretty darn cool (and a teensy bit creepy), if you ask us.

I was first of all very curious to know more about the exhibition and somewhat annoyed at the “creepy” reference. Why do people insist anything to do with dolls is creepy?

Anyway, the exhibition is at Como House, a grand old National Trust owned mansion in South Yarra, a suburb of Melbourne. It is on until the end of January so if readers in Melbourne are going, I’d love to hear more about it.

Here are links with all the information you need to know.


Tickets from:



  1. Thanks for the links. This is an awesome exhibition. If I lived in Australia I’d certainly go – and attend some of the workshops, especially the Stories of Fashion in Miniature. The online writer is mistaken: This is not a “rather curious” exhibition. This is a fascinating and exciting exhibition!

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