Fashion Doll Friday: Happy Family Alan 2003

Today’s Friday Guy is Happy Family Alan. Naomi and I both have one of these dolls, in fact I think there might even be a third one somewhere. This one is mine. Alan has the older type of Ken body with articulated arms. I often wonder why Mattel did not leave Alan as a redhead. That would have been cool but this doll is quite nice too. He’s wearing mix and match Ken clothing from the late 1990s.



  1. Alan is a great character doll,,I know I probably have two because I named the second one Adam. I always wanted the AA version .It’s interesting to compare them as they almost have their own personalities. I like the way you have your guy styled. Great blog.

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  2. Happy Family Alan does look happy, and can’t we all use some extra smiles during this pandemic. So nice to see a male fashion doll wearing pants instead of the shorts that all the current playline Kens seem to be wearing. Great photos – I can almost see the wind ruffling through Alan’s hair.

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