Christmas Diorama

We set up our Christmas decorations over the weekend. Naomi recently bought a little light up village display with three little buildings which she added to the miniature toy store she bought last Christmas. She set these up on a shelf in the living room upstairs along with her old Nativity which is a similar size. Naomi has always liked adding extras to the Nativity, animals from our old farm set but also crazy extras like wild animals, vehicles or even a robot. This year she decided to create a street scene using various bits and pieces. We are not particularly religious people. I hope those of you that are won’t be offended. If you are you should probably skip the rest of this post.

The Diorama

In these photos you can see the scene in a bit more detail. Most of the animals came from our old Blue Box Farm Set and a few from an earlier one that Naomi had. The man in the cap is a Zoo Keeper as we both had miniature zoos as well. These toys were all from the 1960s.

The man on the bicycle comes from a set of four cyclists I had as a child. He has been repainted but not in original colours. The marching soldiers are either old Britains figures or cereal packet toys. I can’t remember but they are from the early sixties as is the horse. I guess that “King Kong” is playing at the Theatre this week and a rhinoceros seems to have escaped from the zoo.

Santa and his reindeer

Santa is trying to muster his reindeer. If you look closely, you may spot a hidden bandit. There are other surprises hidden amongst the trees but I think these photos are too dark for you to find them. I’ll have to take some more later.

I was trying out a little photo editing here. The Barbie sized sleigh is for Santa to use as we don’t have a better one for him at present.

These guys are supposed to be making sure the chimneys are clean but they seem to be taking a break. Meanwhile the sailor is wondering where the pub is. He is a really old toy, possibly from the 1950s.


I haven’t taken any photos of the buildings lit up yet but will try to do that later this week. We would have loved to have put up our Christmas railway but unfortunately, we haven’t got room for it near the tree and we don’t want the pets walking on it. By next year we hope to find a good spot for it.



  1. Merry Christmas to you both. Love the diorama. It’s nice to see all the old Britain’s figures joining in. Let’s hope we all have a good 2022.

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  2. Merry X-mas,Happy New Year. What fun! It’s so fun to make scenes for Holidays! I had Godzilla in my town scence, I have my cowboys/Indians/other vintage plastic figures with a claw machine. It feels so Santa’s villiage to me. Can’t wait to see your lighted scene. Great blog!

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