Christmas Diorama Again

Last night I attempted to take some photos of the Christmas decorations lit up. It wasn’t that successful. I need to work out a better way to do it but I thought I would share a few pictures. We’re pretty happy with our decorations this year. We don’t do outside the house as that wold be difficult for us to manage but we love having indoor decorations even though we are the only ones who will see them (and now all of you :-)).

Fashion Doll Friday will be posted tomorrow as usual although a little later because I haven’t taken any photos for it yet. After Christmas we will show you what was under the tree. Naomi and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas if you celebrate it and our best wishes for a brighter 2022 to everyone.



  1. Your Christmas diorama is both lovely and whimsical. I love that Christmas TV! Thanks for sharing your doll photos and info all year round. Merry Christmas to you and Naomi and your furry companiions!

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  2. What fun, I love the dollhouse figures by the gift shoppe, the vintage plastic figures, King Kong on the roof. I want to do something like this with my Marx tin doll house. I have pewter figures, and Nano /metal figures and small car ornaments. These Town/ village scenes so remind me of the Train villages scenes I used to see at Knotts Berry Farm. Excellent blog. Merry Christmas!

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  3. Love the vintage television. Brings back lots of memories when all we had were 4 black and white channels and some times they were ‘snowy’. We sure have come a long way! Merry Christmas!

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