What Was Under The Tree?

Christmas 2021 has come and gone and today I’m here to share what was under the tree for us. Unlike other years, there were not a lot of doll related gifts. I gave Naomi a vintage teddy bear. She gave me some books and four fashion doll outfits that she bought from one of her favourite eBay sellers. I intend to have a fashion shoot with the outfits later in the week but here is a quick look at them. I have a couple of ideas about who is going to wear them.

My other doll related present was from my friend Gillian. She spotted him on a Facebook site some time ago and asked me if I’d be interested. He’s a Simba Kevin and you will see a bit more of him on Friday.

Simba Holiday Kevin

So that’s all we have to show you today but look out for the fashion shoot in the near future.

What was under your Christmas Tree?



  1. Fabulous, will look forward to seeing in future. Mostly this year was more books and storage containers for doll shoes. There was a pre-holiday color reveal AA, with rooted hair. I seek these whenever I can find them on sale. I think my “Santa stuff” will be mostly clothes for dolls, made some red yarn hats for a doll photo, and will seek more body parts for franken-barbies. There was one pre-Christmas Raggedy Ann and Vintage book to go in a cradle I have in the Attic. I seriously need a proper pram for my vintage babies & teddy’s but never seem to beat others to the bargain. Hoping 2022 might be a good swap-meet year for that. Would love to see Naomi’s new bear. Hope you enjoy your New Years.


  2. Looking forward to the fashion shoot I always enjoy them I got quite a lot of doll stuff I got books including how to make dolls clothes Also two signature looks Ken dolls My sister got me a1967 Skipper doll with a pink Skipper dress and a Daisy doll dress My son got me the three outfits for the new Kid Creation Sindy There is a pink unicorn onesie a purple party dress and a ue gym kit I hope they do more Gave a Happy New Year everyone xxx

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    • You did really well Angie. I’m very pleased to hear that they are making fashions for Kid Kreations Sindy. I was hoping that they would. She’s not on sale here yet. I wouldn’t mind getting Fashion Blogger or Horse Riding Sindy when they eventually get here.


  3. Let’s hope they do. We doll collectors are everywhere. The outfits are nicely packaged and well made and cost 10 pounds each so they are not cheap. You do get shoes with them. The party dress is cerise pink not purple as I originally said and the gym kit is blue. Happy New Year to everyone. Sorry about the typos on my other post I am doing this on my phone xxx

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