A Festive Fashion Show

Today I’d like to share the photos I took of the fashions Naomi gave me for Christmas. As I often do, I chose models with different body types to see how things fit. All of the clothing is from an eBay seller that Naomi often buys her guy’s clothes from who is based in China. We are having trouble getting stuff sent from Europe but packages from China, although they are slow to arrive, do get here. Here are the fashions which I showed you the other day.

Myrtle hurried in to the studio to find three models waiting for her. ” My name is Myrtle Sloane and I’ll be running the shoot today. I am so sorry to have kept you waiting.” she told them. “Cruikshanks is so busy at this time of year that Vivienne and her staff just couldn’t get away to do this so I am helping out. She asked me to thank you all for filling in at the last moment. “

The Showrunner

Myrtle Sloane

The Models

  • Beverly – Basics body
  • Tris – belly button body with articulated legs
  • Annette – Fashion Fever body
  • Myrtle – TNT body

The Fashions

Myrtle asked the girls to pick one outfit each to try on. There were several large Christmassy props in the studio from an earlier shoot so she decided to make use of them and encouraged the girls to “just be yourselves.”

Myrtle chose to wear the most formal outfit, a suit in a type of brocade material. It fitted her very well even though she is quite full figured with a tiny waist. As there were no suitable shoes Myrtle wore her own which fortunately were pink.

Annette was the next to be ready. She wore the playsuit which is a floral print on a navy background. She wore the sleeveless faux fur coat over it with her own boots. “This is not something I would normally wear.” Annette said “but I thought that my boyfriend might like me in it.” The outfit was a good fit on Annette although the thick material of the coat does make her look a little bulky in it.

Beverly chose the black faux leather skirt and black and white print shirt which she wore with her own shoes. The skirt was a good fit, the shirt was a little loose so Beverly tucked it in at the waist.

Tris was the last to appear as she had a lot of trouble with the top to her outfit. The pink midriff top just would not do up at the back and in the end, Myrtle had to pin it for her. Tris wore the top with pink and grey print pants a grey cardigan and a white fur scarf. The outfit also had a grey knitted cap and grey shoes.

After the official photos were finished Myrtle asked the girls if they would like to do some mixing and matching. Annette wanted to try the black and white outfit on. She found the skirt rather snug but managed to get it on. She wore it with the split at the back rather than the side as Beverly had. She put the furry coat back on over the top. “Kruse would love this coat I think.” she told the others.

Beverly tried on the outfit that Tris had been wearing and found that she could just manage to do up the top at the back. The girls decided that this top was probably meant for a teen.

Tris tried on the playsuit with Annette’s black boots.

Finally, the girls posed for one last photo as a group before heading out to do their last-minute Christmas shopping.



  1. Very nice outfits! “Beverly” looks like a very blonde Kristie Alley. There is just something about her eyes! I really thought the picture with the TV set was cool. Is the TV one of your childhood toys?

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  2. I’m sure these fashion shoots take a lot of time and effort to put together, but I enjoy them so much. Your models always have a lot of personality and these Christmas outfits are so pretty. It’s interesting to see how they work on the different body types and how they can be mixed and matched. Tris is one of my favourite dolls and I love Myrtle’s short hair style. I don’t remember seeing Annette before. I really like her face sculpt. LOL – I like them all!

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  3. Like Helen says these fashion shows take a lot of time and effort and you do a fantastic job. Love the models and the clothes. Keep them coming xxx

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