2021 in Review

2021 is winding down and in many ways, it feels as if nothing much has changed from last year. I often feel frustrated that I can’t go to doll shows, markets or even to the shops to look at dolls. I feel disappointed with myself for not writing more. This isn’t just because of Covid although that has played its part. I live in a more isolated place now, there is no public transport at all and no shops here in Sisters Beach so I can’t go out unless Naomi drives me.

We are still working on our doll and toy display area too. I thought that after two years here I’d have had my dolls and sewing gear set up the way I wanted but we’ve had a few issues that have made achieving that goal difficult.

As I may have mentioned, Naomi moved here to Sisters Beach in July. Unfortunately, since then she’s had ongoing health issues which have prevented her from doing many of the things she wanted to do. On the positive side she has recently sold her old house at Oatlands and the money from that will mean that we can do some redecorating and reorganising of our hobby spaces. We’re hoping that next year will see her return to being the active person she likes to be and both of us free to pursue our hobbies in our spare time.

One of the things I really have missed is having dolls to fix up for the Op Shop. I used to enjoy fixing them and writing posts about them. Most of the ones I used to fix I didn’t really want to keep. It was just fun to improve them. There are Op Shops in Wynyard but finding dolls to fix at a price I can afford is not so easy. The ones I used to bring home were free because really, I was just borrowing them. I nearly always took them back, although I did buy a few because either Naomi or I wanted to keep them. Working at the shop was good because I could assess the dolls when they were donated. Other people might bin them if they were stained or messy but I knew what I could fix and after a while my co-workers started to save them for me.

Naomi and I were talking about this recently. I was browsing eBay, online is the main way I get anything these days, I told Naomi I was looking for a cheap Skipper and Stacie to fix up. I thought that I might have another try at rerooting because we’d really like to find a friend for Stacie with a different hair colour. I also had thoughts of rebodying a Skipper head onto a Stacie body to get a brunette.

I was thinking of rebodying a Stacie with this head.

Anyway, Naomi said that as she goes about a bit, her volunteer job is in Devonport and she frequently goes to Burnie as well as Wynyard, she would look out for cheap dolls for me to fix up. She’s always been good at finding interesting dolls and she knows what I like. She suggested that I might sell the dolls once I’d finished with them. I suppose I could do that, not because I want to make a big profit but to pay for the ones we buy.

I haven’t really bought a lot of dolls or clothes this year. I really prefer to see dolls before I buy them, especially playline Barbie and, as I mentioned, I haven’t been able to get the shops much. A lot of the eBay and Etsy sellers that I like to buy clothes from are overseas and either the postage costs have become too high or the sellers can’t post to Australia anymore because since Covid there have not been as many flights. I have started to buy things from members of the Facebook doll groups I belong to. The items are in Australia and the sellers are people that I feel that I can trust. I can see myself buying dolls and clothing this way more frequently in the future, especially as I am interested in obtaining more vintage outfits for Barbie, Sindy, Tammy, Tressy and their family members.

I was excited to discover that Kid Kreations has brought out a series of playline Sindy dolls. Sadly, they are not available in Australia at present but I am hoping that if they are successful there may be future dolls and the possibility of buying them here.

Collectible Kid Kreations Sindy with accessories

I have started to get back to knitting for my larger dolls and Naomi’s teddies. Once I can set up my sewing machine, I may try to do some doll dressmaking myself. I have a lot of material and patterns. I just tend to like the things that other people make better than my own creations. In other words, I’m lazy :-).

Susie and Pam in dresses I knitted them.

I haven’t become tired of blogging although it’s harder to find new things to write about. I’m grateful for our regular readers who keep on popping in to see if there is anything new. I know I said it this time last year but next year I really do want to try and do more with the blog, have more fashion shoots and show and tell posts.

In conclusion Naomi and I both wish all our readers old and new the best for the coming year. We hope that 2022 brings you joy and that we can continue to entertain you.



  1. Really enjoy the Blogs and what you are up to. Don’t stress too much over how long it might take you to set up how you hope to, you will get there, but just enjoy the whole process. I think everyone is still a little down hearted this year. Continue to look after yourselves, enjoy each other’s company and the beautiful place you live. Happy New Year to you both!

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  2. I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling down at the moment but not surprised. My mood is on the floor as well and I live in a much busier place than you, with access to shops (though very few dolls here). It’s been a rough two years and if your sister’s health has been iffy that will be a pressure on both of you. Wishing Naomi the best for a healthier New Year by the way. And all the best to you in your endeavour to improve dolls this year coming. It’s saving them from landfill and a worthy thing to do. In the UK we often see doll bundles at throwaway prices on eBay, because they’re past their best. Would this be a way to go? Often there is one interesting doll in the bundle. I recently found a lovely American Character Tressy in one, which was such a surprise as I expected it to be the same as my other one. Anyway I’ve meandered enough, just to say, Thank You so much for the posts you do. I really enjoy them and I’ve learned a lot from your blogs. Also it’s nice to touch hands across the ocean, to fellow collectors and enthusiasts, even friends. Wishing you both the very best for 2021. May there be better news for all of us!

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    • Thanks Trish. I am starting to think about doll bundles providing postage is cheap. Finding something like a Tressy in one would be just a dream but I’m happy to fix up dolls that I don’t care to keep like Monster High and Bratz just to keep them from being binned. Happy New Year to you and thanks for the good wishes.


  3. I enjoy this blog very much! Especially, since we’re in the same age group, I don’t feel so different for enjoying collecting dolls or making doll clothes. I love creativity and different ways to make things, even if I can’t do it myself, I marvel and enjoy how it is made, the creative mind. I can’t sew, actually that is inaccurate, I can’t cut straight (or write straight!), so I refuse to make items that won’t turn out correctly. I prefer crochet over knit, for my dolls. I became disabled in 2013, no longer drive. It does put a big dent in shopping for dolls, public services for transporting wheelchair people is minimal where I live( USA); I have a love/hate relationship with online buying. I prefer to see it first,too! You can see/feel quality a lot better. I hate to throw out a toy/doll just because it isn’t perfect, especially now being disabled, reminds me how much disability separates us. It also causes stronger “cabin fever”.This isn’t a pity party, Covid has changed industry and lives. Just a tough year! I haven’t bought much in 2021. I hope Naomi improves quickly! and all our moods improve, more normalcy in daily life for 2022. One of the biggest losses has been human contact, social activities. I hope everyone enjoys a more creative healthy year and enjoy family and friends! Keep being creative! We all enjoy what you and Naomi do very much!

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    • Thanks Helen. if what we do here brightens someone’s day then it is well worth it. I can’t cut straight either. I’m not great at sewing but at least dolls are not so fussy. I wish I could crochet as I’ve seen some lovely patterns for dolls clothes but I’ve never been able to get the hang of it so I knit.


    • Yes, I knew I wasn’t the only one feeling the same Helen! Every thing you have said resonates with me also, (hence encouragement for the Blog for us, and continuing with the dolls for us to enjoy as well, improvement to ‘N”s health). It feels as if it has been a quiet sort of grief that has started to affect us with the trauma of the past couple of years, and how our lives and way of living has changed possibly forever. I think with are similar ages we know what it has been like and finding it difficult to move into this new way – a crossroads of life of sorts. And to you Helen in America also take care of yourself, as we all need to do. And to the lovely ‘Taswegian1957’ thank you for letting me reply again on your blog but please keep the good work up it does make a difference to many of us, again look after yourself and sister.

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      • I agree, I’ve started to feel that things may never go back to the way they were, and coupled with changes in trends it’s harder to find dolls that we like. Still we have a lot already and we have fun with those.


  4. God bless us every one! Some wonderful blogs, togs and kissed frogs/princes. The fixes, the fashion the fun! What a wondrous adventure! Also, I have loved getting early fashion Friday’s on Thursday’s..which perks up my trash-day schedule..I can not count how many dolls you and others have helped me identify/enjoy..I can’t recall all the fun adventures Naomi has shared.I wouldn’t get too worried about it being 2 years..I’ve been shuffling bins around in my various spaces for 22..I am getting some on log sheets but 2022 will have notations on those sheets where the dolls (not displayed) might be stored.My outer space dolls are in the garage, an outer space but..everything gets muddled during the holidays,by this forgetful muggle. Best to yours always! Happy 2022!!

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  5. I think we are all in the same situation when it comes to organizing our dolls and stashes of yarn, fabric, books, etc. I call it my second career as it seems neverending! And the uncertainty of life with COVID has only made it more stressful and harder to get motivated.
    On the plus side, your posts, Fashion Fridays and fashion shoots do make a difference to all your readers. They brighten our days. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this blog.
    I hope 2022 brings better health to Naomi and that you are able to find dolls to bring back to their original beauty. Best wishes for a new year filled with fun doll adventures!

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  6. I wish you and Naomi and better 2022. The pandemic has made everyone’s life so much more difficult and it’s hard to be optimistic. I enjoy your blog posts very much and as my own health is declining precipitously, I don’t often comment the way I’d like to. I simply cannot continue to post the way I once did and have recently gone through my doll collection choosing dolls to give to my granddaughter to sell on eBay. I think I have given her over 100 dolls to sell! I still have loads of props and furniture to go through. I can’t change dioramas anymore and am trying to stick to a small group of permanent displays. I may do a big doll giveaway at some point. I’ve managed to get my collection down to 184 dolls, which seems ridiculous but I love all those left. I’ll know more about my prognosis after a hospital appointment next week.


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