Fashion Doll Friday: Simba Holiday Kevin

Today’s Friday Guy is another Simba Kevin. This one came to me from my friend Gillian who spotted him on a Facebook site and thought I might like him. This Kevin is pretty similar to Naomi’s Kevin’s, Lexter, Pauly and Mark as he has the older type body. I thought he would be interesting to show as he was still in his original box.

When I took Kevin out of the box to photograph, I noticed that the number on the front of his T-Shirt seemed to have run a bit and I thought that his whistle seemed rather large for him. Out of curiosity I googled Kevin Holiday and was not surprised to see that it was not an original prop and that the T-Shirt was plain. Obviously this one was customised for or by the previous owner but as he was still attached to the box with wire ties, I think he has only been on display.

I am not too sure what I’m going to do with Kevin at this stage. He may become a display doll or he may be stored for a future makeover.



  1. I didn’t realise there wer older Kevins. I think I might have to get a Kevin Urban! With the beard. I do like those! I have a very similar Shillman bridegroom ( semi dressed) for whom I need a suitable jacket. They really are so similar I mistook it for this one at first.

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    • Kevin has been around for quite some time but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the other brands were the same doll. One of Naomi’s came in a set sold by Toys R Us called “Real Friends” but you can see he is Kevin.


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