Frankendollies!: Part One

I really want to get back to fixing dolls a bit more this year but first I wanted to try an experiment. I wanted to create a same size friend for Stacey. All the Stacey dolls have more or less the same colouring and while I think she’s very pretty I wondered if it would be possible to create a brunette friend doll by doing a Skipper/Stacey head swap.

Stacey and Skipper

I bought used Skipper and Stacey dolls from eBay and this afternoon set about trying the experiment. Both of the dolls were in pretty good shape, very clean and dressed in useable clothing. Their hair was just a little mussed.

Whenever I see people on YouTube doing a head swap it always looks so easy to remove the doll’s head. I have done it with Barbie’s a few times and didn’t have a big problem with it but Stacey was really difficult to do. I warmed her head with my hairdryer to see if it would help. I wrapped her head in a towel first and just did short bursts. I did get it off in the end with the help of a tiny screwdriver but it was really hard work. I was so worried about breaking her neck knob. This is why I rarely frankendolly. Skipper was not as bad but not easy.

Finally, the girls were headless and I quickly washed and conditioned their hair to smooth it down. Then I swapped the heads.

I have to say that I am not thrilled with the results. Skipper’s head looks a little too big for the child body and it is a bit loose. I can probably fix that but that’s not going to make it look better. Stacey’s head on the bigger body looks a bit odd too. Anyway, I left them to dry their hair and will have another look at them later.

If I don’t leave them as they, are I have a couple of options.

  • Put them back the way they were.
  • Find different bodies to try the heads with

If I decide to rebody them I don’t think it will be hard to find another body for Skipper. I have an Olsen Twin who isa similar size, a Petite Barbie, although she’s not very different or even a Fashionista. I’ve seen Skipper rebodied to look older and it suits her but I was really hoping to create a younger child if I could find a suitable body.

As for Stacey I really don’t know what other sort of body I could put her on to make her look different. I guess another option would be to reroot Stacey. I haven’t rerooted a doll in years. I wasn’t very good at it but it is a way I could get a different hair colour.

I will let you know what I decide to do in a future post.



  1. I think the blonde looks okay on the new body, but the brunette is a little too serious and mature looking for the Chelsea body. JMO I’ve only body switched a few dolls as I always worry about damaging the head or neck. The hardest one I’ve done was a Ken switch. Like you, I had to take a screwdriver to one of the heads. I haven’t tried to soften the heads with a hair dryer. I cover the doll with a plastic bag and put the head in very hot water. Good luck with whatever you decide to do with these dolls. It’s always a learning experience when we start experimenting.

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  2. I use hot water and hemostats. I might consider putting a Skipper shrunken head on a stacy, or even a tall Kelly.I’d totally put a Stacy head on the modern Skipper or clone.I do Frankendollys all the time.

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  3. I used to swap dolls heads all the time when I was a child, but I don’t do it now. I like to keep them as is. I do wish they had more moving joints sometimes but would probably end up damaging the dolls if I tried to rebody. Good luck with what you decide to do.

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      • I had a lot of Pippa sized dolls and they were easy to do. I don’t think Mum realised we did it but she did get annoyed when we cut their hair. We thought it would grow again. If a doll has a hairstyle now such as a bin I leave it alone. As a child I would hve taken it down to see how long the dolls hair was.

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