Frankendollies: Part Two

I decided to let my frankendollies sit for a bit before making any decision about their future. In the meantime I took some outfits from my vintage Skipper box of clothing for them to try on and added a few random pieces that are a bit snug on Barbie.

I changed Skipper/Stacey’s hairstyle. I thought a ponytail might make her head look a bit more in proportion to her body and I cut out the pink strands. I fixed her wobbly head by putting several small rubber bands around her neck knob. To do this properly I really should have taken her head off again. I could have pulled the pink roots out of her hair too. Perhaps I’ll do that one day but I didn’t want the drama today. Here she is, perhaps I’ll call her Skippy for today.

Teen Stacey as I think of her now fits vintage Skipper clothing too. I think she looks nice in this pastel dress. Her other outfit is a generic “leather” skirt and jacket and a knitted top (by me).

Teen Stacey
Teen Stacey

It was an interesting experiment. If I can get hold of some more cheap Skippers and Staceys I would enjoy fixing them up too. I think that the Harry Potter bodies might work with them too but those are too expensive to frankendolly unless I’m lucky enough to pick up a cheap one. I think the skin tone might be wrong for the tanned Skipper and Stacey though.



  1. Looks like you’ve been having some fun play with your Frankendollies. And that’s what doll collecting is all about. That pastel Skipper dress is so cute! I’m not familiar with vintage clothes so had to look it up – “Sunny Pastels”. What a cheerful name for a dress. I’m partial to jackets so really like Skippy & Teen Stacey in those outfits. Your hand-knitted top complements the colours of the jacket & skirt.

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  2. I haven’t rebodied any dolls. I just prefer to fix them up as best I can with what the doll is when I get it. I am real nervous about fixing wobbly heads with cracked necks, afraid I will screw it up and the doll would be worse! I wish Shelly of A Thousand Splendid Dolls lived close by, I’d ask her to fix a doll, she is so good at it! Unfortunately, she lives in another state. Bad hair is washed ,trimmed, and given a hat or a head band to cover up a bad hairdo. I look for other doll brands for “friends” for Skipper, Stacey, Chelsea. The Harry Potter line is nice for Skipper, the Wal-Mart brand of Sparkle Girlz the little ones are ok for Chelsea even though they aren’t very articulated or the Simba dolls. But that’s just my preferences, dolls are fun no matter type or DIY changes we make! You’ve down your changes well! Keep the creative ideas flowing and have fun!! Did you also knit the blue skirt? Naomi I hope is improving. Her creativity is great too!

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    • I did knit the blue skirt. One of the easiest things to make as it is basically a knitted rectangle. The Simba little sisters do fit in well with Kelly/Chelsea/whatever her name is this week. Simba, as I’ve said before make good dolls. I haven’t tried to repair a crack necked doll. I think we all wish Shelly lived near us.


  3. Like Helen I generally just improve the doll as best I can .. I have never attempted a reroot or changing bodies as I would probably cause more damage. Good luck to the clever ones among you who can do this. I am hoping to do some dress making soon as I got two books for Christmas on making clothes for Barbie and other fashion dolls

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    • There are some good doll dressing books out there. I have a lot of old patterns but my favourites are the very simple ones. I don’t like to enlarge patterns on a grid so I look for full size ones. I have a couple of books I like for my larger dolls too.


  4. I like patterns from old doll magazines I can enlarge or reduce on thye copier.I think I have the Scater Skipper..thought about giving her the bigger body option like a Francie. She seems like a Mary-Ann type to me.

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  5. I haven’t got the time or the patience to do anything complicated. My late Auntie made some fabulous clothes for my cousin’s Tressy.and Sindy which I now have in my collection They are so good they look shop bought. One of my new books is aimed at children so the patterns are simple. The other one is called Sewing clothes for Barbie. Looking forward to getting started!

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