Fashion Doll Friday: National Barbie Collectors Convention Table Centrepiece Ken Doll 2014

Today’s Friday Guy is Naomi’s latest purchase. This Ken doll was part of a table centrepiece at the 2014 National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention held in Nashville Tennessee. Naomi bought him from an eBay seller in Adelaide. He is fully articulated and has the same face sculpt as Divergent 4 (Zane). I think it’s Tango.

The seller commented that this doll had never been played with. Well, that is about to change.

Unfortunately, Ken’s shirt and pants are all in one piece and the shirt is sleeveless. However, it is a very good fit. Naomi likes the jacket but not with that particular outfit. She says she will mix and match it with some more casual clothing. She also plans to change the colour of the bow tie and give him a different jacket. We’ll try to show you the end result soon.

I bought a doll this week too and you will see her next Friday.



  1. That’s a very nice face sculpt and it will be interesting to see how Naomi redresses this Ken. I had a giggle over your response to the previous owner’s comment that Ken had never been played with. I suspect Ken is looking forward to a more casual outfit.

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  2. He has nice rooted hair too. Makes a good change from moulded hair. He will look great in some new outfits and good that he is articulated. Looking forward to what Naomi does.

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