Market Rescue Dolls Makeover: Part One

After spending some time cleaning the vintage dolls, I bought I moved on to the Barbies from the market lot. This girl did not need a lot of work, she was fairly clean but I gave her a wash just to be safe. I washed and conditioned her hair and she was good to go.

This was the one that I hadn’t had time to ID but she turned out to be pretty easy because she had the Tall Fashionista body and still had the factory plait of hair. She is Fashionista #28 from 2016 and goes by the title Floral Flair. I quite like her; she has a more grown-up look than the more recent Fashionistas so I may keep her.

DMF30Barbie® Fashionistas™ Doll 28 Floral FlairTall body, light skin, blonde hair, black dress with pink and purple floral print and color-blocking detail, and blue heels.
Fashionista Wiki

Here are her “Before and After” shots. I dressed her in a Fashionista dress that suited her height.

The belly button Barbie presented more of a problem. It is really hard to identify blonde Barbie’s once they are without any of their original clothes, especially if they have this face sculpt.

I spent ages combing the tangles out of her hair before I washed it. It seemed like she had something greasy in it at some time. I washed it with shampoo and then I washed it again with dishwashing liquid, then I conditioned it. It still didn’t look or feel right so I left her hair soaking in a cup of Fairy Platinum and water for a few hours. It seemed better after I had rinsed and conditioned it again but I think I may do a couple more treatments.

Next Day:

I did a boil wash and another conditioning and I can’t see any dirty marks in her hair so I hope I’ve got it as good as it can get. Here she is before and after:

The last Barbie in this group is the Fairytopia pink Barbie. She has also had her hair done but as she has a mark on her face, she’s still out getting Oxy5 treatment. I’ll show her to you next time.



  1. Cool, great reno work..I lovge the sparkle type hair dolls like fairytopia, so Ooak.My beyond pink dolls have that hair and respond well to a drop of serum rubbed on the hands.All these gals would make lovely sweater gals.
    Fun blog.


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