Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie Signature Lunar New Year Barbie 2021

This week’s Friday Girl is Lunar New Year Barbie from 2021. I was lucky enough to find her on eBay recently. She doesn’t have her original dress unfortunately. I would have liked that. This is a link to the boxed doll.

I have redressed her in a couple of outfits that match her earrings. One is the dress from DOTW Argentina Barbie. The other is an older dress which is untagged but might be an older Barbie fashion. I know I have seen a picture of it somewhere.


  1. She has lovely dark hair and brown eyes, makes a nice change from blonde and blue eyes. I always chose blonde as a child, probably because I am blonde. My friend had dark brown hair and always chose brunette dolls. Maybe there is something about a mini me! I like to have diversity now so I have all hair colours, skin tones and body shapes.

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    • When I was a child, I was always asking mum why all dolls had blue eyes. She went out of her way to find brown eyed dolls for me so a lot of my dolls were brunettes with brown eyes. I remember when Sindy came out I actually did want a blonde one but got a brunette. I didn’t mind though. I love her and still have her.


  2. Very lovely gal, I like how you have dressed her. I might consider her as she has such a lovely face screening. I think she’d be lovely in Ginger spice red Chinese print mini. I would consider a knitted sweater dress I saw on-line with shimmery pants.The sky’s the limit with a doll like this.

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