Market Rescue Dolls Makeover: Part Two

Here are a couple more of the market dolls after their makeover’s.

The first one is Disney Descendents Jane. She really did not have anything wrong with her. I just gave her a quick wash, shampoo and conditioning. I could not find the shorts she was originally wearing so I gave her the skirt Jo Jo Siwa was wearing. Jo Jo is still getting Oxy 5 treatment. The skirt is a good fit and I think it goes with the top better than the blue shorts. I think the top might be Monster High or Bratz as it is a bit snug but it will do for now.

Next up is the doll which I mistakenly called Draculaura the other day. A couple of readers pointed out that her body is not right for Monster High and that she might be a clone or Frankendolly. I have to admit I didn’t look at her closely at the market stall. I saw her face and remembered the Draculaura I’d brought home from the Op Shop to tidy. I didn’t look for markings or pay any attention to her body. She is not articulated, nor does she have any doll marks except that awful black printing that so many doll have on their backs now. She is most certainly an MH clone. She didn’t need a lot of work and her little dress is probably original.

The last dolls to fix up are Fairytopia who needs a mark removed from her face and some kind of outfit. Wee Friends Lila who needs an outfit, and Jo Jo who needs marks removed and her hair fixed. More on them in the near future.


  1. Good job! I like the Monster High Clone Doll. I have been looking at the OOKE Barbie dolls as Vampires and other scary changes. Some of them are quite Artistic and I ‘think’ I would like the odd one perhaps.

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  2. Great job again, interesting looking dolls although not what I usually collect either. The only unusual one I have is an Enchantimal by Mattel called Bree Bunny. She is a pink bunny style doll. A nickname is my reason for having her in my collection.

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  3. Love to see the Rescue Dolls entries again. Oh, gosh, that Draculaura clone is reaally well made, the hair has a decent rooting. I think the body comes from a Bratz mold. Those clones tend to have a body made of hard plastic that isn’t as sturdy as it seems.


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