Fashion Doll Friday: DOTW Argentina Barbie 2012

Today’s Friday Girl is DOTW Argentina Barbie. I picked her at random from the doll storage area expecting that I’d featured her before. However, going over old posts it seems that while I’ve featured other dolls wearing her dress, I have not featured the doll herself. I did buy her when she was relatively new which was before I started doing Fashion Doll Friday and almost before I started to blog so maybe that’s why she was missed out. Or maybe I have featured her but so long ago I can’t find the post.

Anyway, as you can see, she has the older Teresa face, one of my favourite sculpts and like all DOTW she has the old TNT body. Her hair is absolutely stiff with product. You can see she still has the factory curl in her hair. When I took her close ups, I noticed she has a hole in her ear but I don’t remember her ever having earrings. I bought her NRFB. I even looked at a few photos of her online and didn’t see any where she had earrings.

Her dress is a simple halter neck which I probably bought on eBay. I don’t remember who I got it from.

If you are wondering about the background I took these photos on our balcony as I thought the brightly coloured flowers would give her a bit of Argentinian colour.



  1. Lovely. I will be pulling out my t&t Teresa’s because I had a blonde one I hope to identify.This gal is gorgeous. I lke the halter dress. I have a similar long one for Cher/mego dolls.I adore the 1990 Teresa face mold.I wish they did boy dolls for Dolls of the world.

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      • She is beautiful and the photos are amazing too, lovely backdrop. The dress really suits her too, the colour goes well with her hair. I have Kenyan Barbie NRFB It would have been good to have male DOTW as well. I have always wanted an AA Ken with dreadlocks. I have the made to move AA guy and he is great. He is my only AA male with rooted hair so far.

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